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A-bomb Survivor Stories Build Social Equity

There’s often a focus on the environment when we talk of sustainability, but social equity or the value of products, businesses, services and activities which add value to people’s lives is just as (if not more) important!

When it comes to the health and longevity of a society, there is nothing more important to talk about when planning for sustainability than issues of peace, empathy, and ways to learn from the past.

Here in Hiroshima, we are so lucky to still have the chance to talk with residents who survived the A-bombing of 1945 and who are willing to share their personal stories of survival.

In this video, I had the wonderful opportunity to join the Hiroshima city ‘Social Book Cafe Hachidori-sha’ event held on the 6th, 16th and 26th of each month called, “Talk with A-bomb Survivor in English”.

Read More about Social Book Cafe ハチドリ舎 Talk with A-bomb Survivors in English 「6」のつく日 語り部さんとお話ししよう!on GetHiroshima and on the official Social Book Cafe Website.

It was a privilege to talk with Kazuhiko Futagawa. Futagawa-san is one of the youngest A-bomb survivors as he was in his mother’s womb when the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Futagawa-san told me his personal stories of events that happened to his family and his childhood. I really appreciate the opportunity to hear his testimony first hand in this 75th year since the Atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima.

Like many Hibakusha, Futagawa-san has so many reasons not to tell his story since the memories are painful. So, I am so grateful that he is willing to donate his time to meet with travelers and residents in Hiroshima every month to tell them his story.

For me, having a chance to talk with Futagawa-san and other A-bomb survivors is a chance to make personal connections to my own life. We all have loss and love and struggles in our lives, so there is so much in these stories we can admire and relate to.

By keeping these stories alive, we have a better chance to keep perspective on things that truly matter and aim to live in a world without war and nuclear weapons.

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