About Inbound Ambassador

After teaching, studying and researching business, tourism and sustainability news, topics and issues in Japan for more than twenty years I’ve become inspired to start a social-enterprise business of my own. A business with an aim to positively promote the activities of businesses, entrepreneurs and destinations in Japan striving to achieve sustainably-minded, long-term goals which do not sacrifice meaningful aspects of society or natural environment in pursuit of stable income.

This website is a reflection of my company’s mission to promote companies, products, and initiatives aimed at improving society and our natural environment. I will not promote companies that are not striving to improve the lives of their workers, in addition to their customers. I will also aim to only include companies active in environmental stewardship initiatives and those who regularly assess and integrate social equity and environmental equity building targets in planning strategy.

In this age of global warming, less than transparent business operations and societal inequality it is more important than ever to provide information and promotion of the more ethical business practices. This type of transparency allows customers to make a clear distinction between typical business-as-usual practices and those that more clearly invest in the future.

JJWalsh, InboundAmbassador