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Joy Jarman-Walsh (jjwalsh) grew up in Hawaii and has lived and worked in Japan for more than 25 years. Originally she came to Japan after university with a degree in Psychology, to experience life in Japan for a year as an ALT on the Mombusho sponsored JET program. Teaching and travel around Japan opened Joy’s mind to new possibilities for work, culture and lifestyle prompting settling into a long-term investment in Japan.

In 1999, Joy co-founded GetHiroshima with her partner, Paul Walsh, and they have developed close ties to residents, visitors and local businesses in the community over many years. Raising two bilingual kids in Hiroshima helped make connections in an even wider community circle.

In 2019, after 21 years teaching English communication, business studies, gender issues, Japanese pop-culture, marketing, writing, and tourism classes to wonderful students at a local university, Joy stepped away to launch InboundAmbassador- a solo-venture company focused on developing sustainability in travel, business and social media marketing.

Key projects since 2019

  • Monthly Seeking Sustainability Events: 2 hour events with guest speakers, networking time, vegan snacks and drinks using reusable plates and cups, a DIY workshop session to make an alternative to a normally wasteful packaged product (toothpaste, deoderant, plant-based milk, soap..), a freecycle (free-exchange) section, and a zero-waste shop where organic local vegetables or bulk items were sold by weight.
  • Member of the Core 50 Team of International Consultants at JarmanInternational
  • International Tour guide training workshops and classes
  • Narration projects – Junior High School English entrance tests, Housing companies, Online shopping, Travel guiding, Medical equiptment tutorial guide, Tohoku Stories of Disaster and Recovery (UNITAR), Hiroshima local stories of recovery and resilience of Business Owners..
  • Hiroshima SUP Event Social Media Marketing
  • Hello Hiroshima/Travel Buddy/Hiroshima Jin-Daigaku Travel Guide training + inbound travel consulting
  • Destination Guide edits, proofreading, content-creation for GetHiroshima + JizoHat
  • Destination branding marketing – inbound tourism boost strategy (Hiroshima)
  • Content Creation and Monitor Tour Consultation – Bizen, Okayama
  • Monitor Tour Consultations: Tohoku, Hiroshima, Yamaguchi, Shimane, Okayama, Nagasaki, Kanagawa..
  • Inbound Tourism Marketing and Destination Branding Consulting
  • Seeking Sustainability Live Talkshow (April 2020~)
  • SSL Workshops – Online Step-by-Step Tutorials with Japan Experts
  • Place to Grow NGO Advisory Council Marketing + Content Creation Support

As international tourism to Japan increases and businesses in Japan seek more international customers, creating models of sustainable tourism and business becomes more important.

In order to positively brand your business or destination, emphasis should be on balancing the needs of inbound visitors and locals. Creating a sustainable business model means planners should target operations which balance seeking profits, with the needs of people and the planet.

High-quality customer service for visitors needs to align with the need to preserve culture, traditions, heritage as well as the daily quality of life of local communities. Operations must also be done with targets to improve the quality of the natural environment through efficiency, zero-waste policies and active stewardship.

As so many of these factors are interconnected, improvements in one area should improve the other areas. If a wide-view, multi-level approach, as well as regular reassessment, is adopted it is possible to create a successful business model.

Started in 2019, InboundAmbassador is my platform to encourage businesses and entrepreneurs to adopt sustainable business practices. It is also a place to promote positive examples and case studies of sustainable business success. I hope these stories promote awareness and more general adoption of sustainable, long-term-focused business strategy.

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