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Advice for Landslide Disaster Volunteering in Japan

Information for anyone wanting to volunteer to help clean-up an area devastated by a landslide in Japan.

The Atami region which is famous as a resort area in Shizuoka had a devastating landslide this month and there are over 660,000 locations across Japan designated as landslide risk areas.

Rainy season often brings landslides in Japan, and climate change will increase the frequency of “the worst ever” super-storms.

If you are interested in lending a hand to help with cleanup efforts after the emergency crews have finished and local residents ask for volunteers, please do! It’s exhausting work both physically, and often emotionally, but it’s also very rewarding to lend a hand and join in a community rebuilding effort.

This Volunteering for Landslide CleanUp PDF was created in 2019 for international residents and visitors interested in lending a hand with the cleanup efforts in Hiroshima.

I think most of the advice is still very relevant and adaptable to almost anywhere in Japan. The insurance information will certainly be different in each cleanup area, so it is definitely worth asking if you need to get insurance or register in advance before heading out to the cleanup location.

Please let me know if you found it useful and I’d love to hear of your insights from your experiences too!