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Autumn Projects + SSL Talks

October and November 2020 had game-changer events on the world stage, meaningful work, AND so many wonderful guests on SSL!

It’s the end of Autumn and a great time to reflect on the many wonderful guest talks in the Seeking Sustainability LIVE talkshow series- there were twenty-two talks in October and fourteen in November.

Did you have a favorite talk or event in Autumn you’d like to share? Please drop me a line on social media (links on the left side of the screen). I’d love to hear from you!

Big thanks as well to the amazing folks who have become patrons of my work in Autumn, collaborated with me on projects as well as people who have supported the talks live, downloaded the podcasts, liked the shows, written comments and hit subscribe- you all rock!

The Seeking Sustainability LIVE talkshow series is now up to nearly 600 subscribers on YouTube, almost a 1000 likes on Facebook and nearly a thousand downloads of the podcasts this season. More importantly, the speakers and audience are such an inspirational, motivational force for me to keep generating positive, sustainability-focused, proactive content- such a big virtual fist-bump of thanks to you all!

October 2020

Coding Education, Micro-Finance + Balance in Life | Tsuyoshi Domoto
Tsuyoshi “Yoshi” Domoto has had an interesting childhood living in different countries and cultures, but when he came back to Japan well-educated and experienced, he couldn’t find a job in Japan. He has found the motivation to move forward in life and career positively by finding meaningful projects and adventures.

Yoshi is the Japan Manager of the Saturday Kids company, a programming, and robotics educational school for children with the mission of inspiring kids to become curious, self-directed learners. Helping kids learn the language and creative potential of programming. Courses are now online. Tsuyoshi Domoto on LinkedIn

* SSL112 – Watch or Listen

Women Love Cycling Japan | Reka Farkas
Reka Farkas is an avid cyclist – originally from Melbourne Australia, now based in Hiroshima. Reka has had some great 2-wheel adventures around the central areas of Japan on her gorgeous roadbike. She is an inspiration to other cyclists and has encouraged many of us women to get back on our bikes and give it a try.

Here she talks about some of the things she loves about cycling in Japan from road safety to meeting the locals and finding great local eateries. Follow Reka on Instagram.

* SSL113 – Watch or Listen

Film-Journalism in Japan as Career Dream | David Douglas Stuart
Australian David Douglas Stuart (bigkamo DDS) has had a long and interesting path to Japan and has done video-journalism projects in Tohoku, Tokyo, Osaka and other areas of Japan. Dave is now based in Kyushu, but he used to live on a small island in the Seto-Inland Sea with his family.

David tells about his passion and talent for connecting with people who would normally not be in the media spotlight to document and bear witness to their stories before they disappear. David talks about his project in Tohoku, Osaka Sento Bath-house, Bamboo artists, Ranma Woodcarving Artistry documentaries among others (all available on YouTube and Vimeo). I had the pleasure of interviewing David and Joe later in the month to learn more about their broventures for #ssl130.

Brothers Kama and Blowy also invited me as a guest on their talkshow series in October where I showed them around beautiful Miyajima island while we talked about travel and the future of tourism in Japan.

* SSL114 – Watch | Broventures Episode 130 or Listen

Celebrating + Promoting Creativity in Japan on Non-native Creative | Alisha Ivelich
Alisha Ivelich is the host of YouTube’s popular English 101 channel, and the Non-Native Creative interview series is a passion project to promote creativity and diversity in Japan. She started NNC in 2017. The aim of the non-native creative show is to inspire the audience, especially young people who may feel uneasy about standing-out in a crowd, to embrace multiculturalism and find their own unique path in life.

Celebrating diversity in Japan (or anywhere) is a key to living a higher-quality life in a more sustainable society.

* SSL115 – Watch or Listen

The Sustainable Dabbler of Shiga : Raising Chickens, Worms + Hunting | John Spiri
John Spiri is an author, academic, educator, cyclist, and an eco-enthusiast who lives above Lake Biwa in #Shiga prefecture where he breeds Silkie chickens, has a hunting license, has a worm farm, failed at beekeeping (but had a good try), and knows a bit about gathering Sansai mountain vegetables.

There is not always a clear design for each and every one of us when seeking out self-sufficiency and sustainability in our lives, it’s great to talk with John Spiri here about his individual choices, trials and errors as well as successes.

* SSL116 – Watch or Listen

In October I helped edit and then did the English narration for a collaborative project between government agencies, NPO’s and UNITAR about Tohoku. There were so many heartbreaking stories of loss, frustration about bad decisions, inspirational stories of survival and recovery as well as planning strategy to prevent future disasters. A balance of honoring and remembering those lost, documenting the efforts of those on the ground, and planning for a better future. I hope to see this work available online soon and will add any links here, it was wonderful to be part of such a wonderful project.

Year-One Model3 Electric Car TESLA Owners in Japan Review
In this talk, ChillinKansai (who also runs Tesla Quest) and I have both owned blue Model3 Tesla’s in Japan for about a year. We are often asked about ownership of an all-electric vehicle in Japan so we will discuss our favorite features, frustrations, funny comments, cost savings, the ability to drop any sportscar, software updates, and more. TeslaQuest on YouTube

* SSL117 – Watch or Listen

3rd Sunday CleanUp at the River

Cat-God + Deep Interpretation + Japan TV Host | Derek Wessman
Derek Wessman runs his own translation-interpreting company as well as appears as a TV presenter on a Japanese news show TSUNAGUnews, previously worked in Japanese politics as well as has experience in the travel industry. There is so much to talk about from some of Derek’s excellent Deep-Japan culture Twitter threads to his philosophy of how “interpreting can bring value to relationships and events,” as well as insights on sustainability in politics and more.

* SSL118 – Watch or Listen

Stylish Mis-Match, Housekeeping & Tea Ceremony | Riki + Kumiko
Riki Ohkanda (Paprika-Girl) is a regular on the SSL series as she has great insights and passion for preserving traditional Japanese culture and heritage in her daily life. In this talk, Riki is joined by her teacher, Kumiko, who is originally from Shikoku island (central Japan) but now regularly teaches tea-ceremony lessons to both men and women, young and old.

* SSL119 – Watch or Listen

Love of Japanese Architecture + Building Traditions | Jon Stollenmeyer
Caught up with Jon as he walked around the lumber auction he is at in Tottori today where his company and others bid on the best wood to use in their houses, remodels and other projects where they make use of traditional Japanese carpentry and building techniques.

Jon Stollenmeyer is originally from the US, but has been working and living in Japan since 2009. He has worked with some Japanese greats of #architecture and #carpentry and wood-work in Japan such as #NakamuraYoshiaki who took over from #NakamuraSotoji considered the last Sukiya architect in Japan. Since 2013, Jon has worked for #YamamotoKohei in #Okayama at the SomaKoSha company. The company is well-known for using the #Ishibatate carpentry style #japanese natural wood building techniques.

SomaKoSho Company Website Jonathon Stollenmeyer on YouTube – check out the traditional tools and techniques he uses in his work.

* SSL120 – Watch or Listen

The Art + Teaching of Plastering in Japan | Kyle Holzhueter
Kyle Holzhueter, PhD. works as a builder, researcher and educator specializing in natural building materials and sustainable systems in Japan. In 2017 Kyle founded Permaculture Center Kamimomi, a Permaculture demonstration and education site in Okayama, Japan. Kyle regularly does Plastering jobs and workshops and educational seminars across Japan and around the world.

Video interview with Kyle about Kamimomi Permaculture Center. Kyle Holzhueter YouTube Channel,
Hyakusho Natural Building Blog,
Japanese Plastering Blog

* SSL121 – Watch or Listen

METI Targets-Suicide-Olympics-Rural Subsidies | Hikosaemon + JJWalsh
Talking METI #RenewableEnergy goals + Social Equity building needs for social support due to the higher Suicide rates this year esp for women and children + Fuel-Cell Tech for trucks, shipping tankers, and more + Rural move subsidies for Tokyoites who want to keep their urban jobs, but work from rural locations + Olympic debate over whether or not to allow protests at the games.

* SSL122 – Watch or Listen

Love of Kumano Kodo Trails in Wakayama | Alena Eckelmann
Alena Eckelmann is a multilingual trail guide based in Wakayama. Alena fell in love with this area of Wakayama prefecture and decided to settle in one of the rural villages. She is a well-published, talented travel writer as well as licensed travel guide. Here we talk about her village life, sustainable travel and tourism ideas for rural Japan, Aikido, Forest (Shinrin) therapy, and proprioceptive writing. Alena is about to launch a new online resource called Kii Monogatari which she will also introduce.

* SSL123 – Watch or Listen

Sumo Super Fan YouTuber | Jason’s All-Sumo Channel | Jason Harris
Originally from the USA and now settled in Hiroshima prefecture, Jason Harris has been sharing his love of SUMO with his YouTube audience for more than 10 years. Jason has built up a huge fanbase of Sumo fans from around the world who follow his commentary as they watch NHK broadcasting of the events. Here we talk about his love of SUMO as well as some keywords, favorites and COVID19 changes, merch, culture, etiquette and the future of this traditional sport. Jason Harris popular Sumo Channel on YouTube

* SSL124 – Watch or Listen

Creative Educational Fun for Parents | Lee Ridgewell
Lee Ridgewell is a trained early-childhood education teacher who taught at a traditional Japanese preschool. Lee also has training in natural therapies and does some teacher training courses. Her main focus is as a playgiver to her 5 and 3 year old girls where she embraces creativity in learning and a connection to nature using homemade toys, games and learning resources. It’s great to hear how Lee often recycles and repurposes art projects as well as uses nature-based play and art projects- such an inspiring sustainable mama!

Follow Lee on Instagram

* SSL125 – Watch or Listen

EV Ambassador Japan – New Jaguar IPACE | Kevin Meyerson
Talking the future of driving in Japan – #EV #ElectricCars #Japan + what it means to take on a new venture as an #EVAmbassador this morn 9am with Kevin Meyerson [twitter] @kevinmeyerson – Karuizawa, Nagano based eco-focused entrepreneur

* SSL126 – Watch or Listen

Tasty Craft Beer from Wasted Bread | CRUST | Jim Huang
Jim Huang has a great idea to reduce food-waste at bakeries and restaurants in Japan. Jim is trying to launch the CRUST startup now in Japan to reduce food waste, collaborate with businesses around Japan to improve their sustainability and create great upcycled products along the way.

Crust was originally launched in Singapore in 2019 and now starting in Japan in 2020. Startup originally started by founder Travin Singh who studied home brewing techniques from YouTube and excited about the idea of using old bread as a part of the process. He traveled to London and 11 breweries in California before making some of his own in Singapore in 2019. The use of disused bakery bread is able to make up 30-50% of the grains needed for good craft beers. In this talk, Jim Huang, shareholder and CFO at CRUST talks about the features of sustainability in place and entering the Japanese craft beer scene.

* SSL127 – Watch or Listen

Shimanami Cycle Talk #2 – Ehime Focus | Paul Walsh + Tina McCarthy
Tina McCarthy (based in Melbourne, Australia) has been to Japan many times on cycle trips to the Shimanami with her WheelWoman company organized cycle groups, Paul Walsh (based in Hiroshima) is founder of JizoHat KK and co-founder of + does many travel and tourism projects in the Shimanami area. Episode 2 here focuses on the EHIME side. Episode 1 focused on Onomichi and nearby island side.

Tina McCarthy Paul Walsh

* SSL128 – Watch or Listen

Iwakuni Insiders’ Deep Japan | Fab Female Collaboration | Linda IwakuniFoodie + Caitlin MyAtlas
Caitlin and Linda are two talented women living and working in Iwakuni Japan. Linda has grown up here and Caitlin is a recent resident, they are combining their strengths and creating a great new series of interviews and videos from their adventures. The combination of Linda’s deep knowledge, language fluency and connections with Caitlin’s fresh perspective, talent for engaging with people, and web savvy make this a collaboration something special and really worth watching! Looking forward to following the great videos they will launch soon.

Linda Sue is a talented photographer and travel writer who founded Iwakuni Foodie which offers travel insights and destination guiding in and around Yamaguchi. Caitlin Atlas runs a popular YouTube channels and website filled with sustainable lifestyle hacks and great travel introductions.

* SSL129 – Watch or Listen

Connecting Love of Sake Breweries & Brands – Japan + Australia | Melissa Mills
Melissa Mills has an impressive backstory becoming a Sake enthusiast, educator and expert after a full dentistry career. She has so many great stories and insights from her visits to Sake brewers and interactions with experts in Japan and across the world.

Her interest in Japan started with a year of Japanese language lessons in Melbourne so she could read Sake labels, and menus to enjoy incredible Japanese cuisine and better understand Japanese culture. This then led to her founding her business #SakeConnect in Melbourne, Australia. Sake Connect

* SSL131 – Watch or Listen

Japan Travel Ban / Psychological Safety + Servant Leadership | Rochelle Kopp
Rochelle Kopp is an author, educator, consultant and seminar speaker who founded @JapanIntercult Japan intercultural consulting group.

Rochelle was a guest speaker in episode 7 of the series as she talked about international business and intercultural hurdles across borders.

Rochelle Kopp here talks about her articles about Japan’s Travel Ban which has a negative effect on international residents, students, workers and visitors as well as how the business concepts of Psychological Safety and Servant Leadership relate.

* SSL132 – Watch or Listen

Scary Japanese YUREI Ghost Stories for Halloween | Matt Alt + Hiroko Yoda
YUREI Japanese Ghosts are so very different from Western Ghosts, so expert researchers and authors Matt and Hiroko tell us how. I have a few Halloween Ghost costume changes during this talk as well.

Matt and Hiroko have written a series of great books on Japanese folklore and today we dive into the backstories for their book on Japanese ghosts, called YUREI, just in time for Halloween weekend. Read the transcript of this excellent talk about the YUREI ghosts here.

* SSL133 – Watch or Listen

November 2020

Kamakura Mind – Yukiyo Matsuzaki Smith + Marian Kinoshita
So many great talks this month starting with Kamakura Mind founder Yukiyo-san and Marian who introduced me to their work and collaborates with Yukiyo on creating unique and unusual deep-cultural experiences for international residents and visitors. I’m excited about joining an incense sachet creation class or fixing pottery with gold- these are nearly lost Japanese arts they are helping to preserve and appreciate. Yukiyo also puts together stunning monthly gift-boxes of products made by local artisans who teach courses she offers. KamakuraMind.

* SSL134 – Kamakura Mind – Watch or Listen

Louise George Kittaka – New Book for International Families in Japan
Louise is a talented teacher and writer whose work regularly appears in in Japanese Publications. In this talk, she shares insights from her new co-edited book resource for international families looking for diverse solutions to various issues.

* SSL135 – Watch or Listen

Here’s a Short, Colorful Autumn TimeLapse from a Cable-Car Ride in Shiga Prefecture in November

Place to Grow Founder Angela Ortiz + Nicholas Pettas Tohoku Cycle Trip + Community Connection
Angela Ortiz and Nicholas Pettas did an amazingly challenging ride around Tohoku to see what the infrastructure is like now as we are approaching the 10 year anniversary of the Tohoku disaster (3.11.2011).

Angela Ortiz is founder of Place to Grow NGO which has been supporting local communities in Tohoku since the disaster, so this was a chance for her to not only enjoy a beautiful cycling adventure, but also to reconnect with local stakeholders to hear first-hand about their reaction to projects and programs over the years + help coordinate the best step forward. In July, Angela Ortiz was a guest on SSL talking about starting Place to Grow to help Tohoku as well as her work creating a sustainable brand with Adidas.

Angela Ortiz
Nicholas Pettas

* SSL136 – Watch or Listen

Ollie Horn’s Upstream Swim for Japanese Comedy
Ollie Horn’s connection to Japan started in high-school language classes and he went on to do a LAW graduate degree at Kyushu University. Yet he chose a career in comedy instead of law and helped found the Fukuoka comedy club with Nick Szasz of Fukuoka NOW. From his newfound home in Malaysia, Ollie is co-hosting the Japan By River Cruise podcast weekly with fellow comic and popular Japan TARENTO Bobby Judo @bobbyjudo (who will be a guest on the series in December).

* SSL137 – Watch or Listen

November’s 3rd Sunday CleanUp at the River

Tokyo Food Trucks + Innovative Eatery Designs by Luuvu Hoang
Luuvu Hoang first moved to Tokyo, Japan from Seattle Washington, USA working as a food photographer, capturing the action of a successful kitchen, or the art of a skilled sushi chef for international publications.

From food-photographer he became a food entrepreneur as he collaborated with other food entrepreneurs in Tokyo to create a place for high-quality food at a food-truck area in Tokyo’s Kanda district. He also helped design a popular Basque restaurant from a run-down eatery- adding bright wood, lights and large windows that spilled warmth onto the street in dark areas to invite customers in. He talks here about the push-back he often gets for changing the status quo of the food industry in Japan, but when there is change from his creative ideas, they are happily surprised to be accepted by Japanese customers.

Luuvu Hoang has such talent for food design, I am sure we will see many exciting projects he is a part of in Japan to take dining to the next level. Luuvu’s official website:

* SSL138 – Watch or Listen

Traveling the World + Writing about Life in Japan – author Karen Hill Anton
Karen Hill Anton is a long-time resident writer, calligrapher, dancer, coach and traveler who has just released a beautifully-written memoir about her life called “View from Breast Pocket Mountain”. In this talk, we discuss parts of the book that really struck a chord and inspired me in many ways in my travels and life in Japan.

Karen’s book is full of interesting details from her childhood in New York to her travels and residences across Europe working as a vegetarian and macrobiotic chef. Finding her way to Japan with her husband and child the slow-way and discovering a love of rural Japan. Karen’s long-running Japan Times column, “Crossing Cultures” was a lifeline for many international residents navigating the trials of living in Japan.

Karen has helped many international residents in Japan find a life here thanks to her insightful newspaper columns, and now a beautifully written memoir called the View From Breast Pocket Mountain. This book is an entertaining read which will also spark many new possibilities and ideas as well as inspire you in your own life in different ways, I highly recommend it!

* SSL139 – Watch or Listen

Cycling in Shikoku – Norman White
Norman White is a long-time Shikoku resident business owner Norman White who runs the Cycle Shikoku company. Norman and his wife Reiko also work as local agents for Grasshopper Tours.
Here we talk about great sights and rides in the Shikoku area as well as the services that Norman and his wife Reiko offer to customers. Always a more insightful and valuable trip with the help of knowledgeable local guides like them!


* SSL140 – Watch or Listen

Sustainable Fragrances + Kimono Fashion with Riki Ohkanda #PaprikaGirl
Riki Ohkanda is a Japanese film director who has embraced traditional Japanese aesthetic, traditions and culture as a part of her modern life in Tokyo. Paprika-Girl has been a regular and very popular guest in the Seeking Sustainability LIVE series as she shares some of her deep insights. Today we will talk about autumn changes for tea ceremony, kimono wearing, fragrances, ikebana flower selection, wagashi, kitty-kotatsu, vegan buddhist food as well as wild boar meats, and things to take care of in November.

* SSL141 – Watch or Listen

Autumn Politics

At the end of October, Prime Minister Suga announced that Japan will aim to be #carbonneutral by 2050. This is a very welcome change in Japanese government (lack of) clear goals to transition from #fossilfuels and adopt #cleantech and adoption of #renewableenergy in planning. Planning for the next fifty years of carbon reductions and reforming #businessasusual policies from the top is an important #bestpractice that has been lacking in Japanese politics in the last 10 years.

The US Election Count + Recount + Push-back from GOP but it seems BIDEN/HARRIS have won the Presidential Election of 2020! No matter what you may think of the candidates, this is good news for sustainability in the US, Japan and worldwide as we now have leaders who will make policy based on science and facts, join international diplomacy efforts to address #climatechange and implement policy to reduce the damage the world’s biggest economy is causing. In terms of #socialequity and #inboundtravel the US market recovery from #COVID19 is also key to Japan’s inbound market, so having leadership in place that can better manage the pandemic is a gamechanger.

JJWalsh in the News

I was thrilled to join people as they did the crossword in the November 22nd Sunday edition of the Japan Times Weekender Edition in a short, 20-question profile article by Louise George Kittaka titled: ‘Japan could be a world-leader in post-COVID-19 travel’. I feel optimistic about future travel post-COVID19 and think this is a great time for businesses, destinations and companies to use this travel slow time to build great services and a sustainable brands for when travel is possible again. A great time to consider what’s best for local people as well as inbound consumers in terms of safety and quality of life, while protecting and preserving our natural resources. Taking people + planet into consideration also makes for long-term success economically. #sustainability #japan #sustainabletravel #sustainabletourism #sustainablebusiness #inboundmarketing Get in touch for a free consultation as an individual, or for your business, to plan for the future of travel. Join my support team to get regular insights, bonus material and previews of future videos, posts and ideas.

Vintage Kimono Styling and Photography in Asakusa, Tokyo – Stasia Matsumoto
Stasia Matsumoto is founder of InKimono a kimono styling, rental, sales and photo services shop located online and in Akasaka in 2019- Akasaka is a trendy yet traditional area of central Tokyo. Stasia studied Kimono design, history, techincal skills and styling at the Aoyama Kimono Gakuin (school) and graduated in 2019. She also studied wasai, kimono design & sewing in private lessons to develop her skills.

In 2019, she did over 150 Kimono shoots for individuals, couples, families and groups – she only takes one booking each day and is often booked up 6 weeks in advance. Prices range from 20,000~50,000 per person or group for a half-day session including high-quality photos.

Stasia is passionate about being inclusive and has been creating her own plus-size kimono and providing services for customers with tattoos, same sex partners .. everyone can and does look gorgeous in kimono in their own uniquely gorgeous way – it’s wonderful to see inclusive shops like hers opening up in Japan that makes everyone feel welcome + included in this traditional Japanese cultural art.

* SSL142 – Watch or Listen

Shojin-Ryori Chef | Berlin + Kyoto | Bernd Schellhorn
Bernd Schellhorn is a Shojin-Ryori chef who divides his time between Kyoto, Japan and Berlin, Germany sharing his passion for Shojin-Ryori cuisine. Shojin-Ryori is hard to find even in Japan and Bernd describes how he fell in love with the appreciation of good, healthy food and natural flavors.

Bernd and his partner Mitsue Nagase (it’s her beautiful photography we see promoting his food) run Shojin Projects (Facebook) to promote the traditional Japanese Buddhist cuisine Shojin Ryori in Kyoto, Japan, Berlin Germany, and beyond.

The photos are so beautiful, the food displayed and presented so perfectly, it’s no wonder customers often say it looks too good to eat- this is certainly a great example of the culinary ARTS. Facebook

* SSL143 – Watch or Listen

TokyoOlympics 2050Targets PalmOil ReuseKimono | WhatTheSustainableNewsJapan
4 was indeed an unlucky number in November as I lost my usual co-host Hikosaemon for the #whatthesustainablenews sub-series of SSL, but powered through for 45 minutes on my own to talk about some key news stories of November 2020 in Japan.

* SSL144 – Watch or Listen

1 Month In Tohoku Book | UK + Japan Collaborations & Connections | Caroline Pover
Caroline Pover is an author and a successful entrepreneur in both Japan and the UK (also very talented at pickling) who has just released a new book “One Month in Tohoku” filled with stories of the connections and collaborations she had with people in both Japan and the UK to support people in need after the Tohoku disaster. The book also follows up with people in the small community of Oshika where she lived and volunteered for a month.

I love her ability to get things done and find out what local need is and find people willing to support and fill the need. We all need each other in this world, but it takes connectors like Caroline to help us see how to connect to and help others.

There are so many great stories in the book that will inspire, entertain and give us hope for the future and faith that the small efforts we make can really make a difference.

* SSL145 – Watch or Listen

Kyoto Camellia Tea Ceremony’s Warm Welcome | founder Atsuko Mori
Atsuko Mori-san, founder of CamelliaTeaCeremony in Kyoto, Japan tells us here about her passion for tea-ceremony and Kimono which prompted her move from Osaka to Kyoto. Founding a stunning tea-ceremony business in traditional Japanese houses, the facility’s philosophy, services and products.

Camellia Tea Ceremony Services rated top by international visitors + locals alike, look forward to hearing about the philosophy, services and beautiful #facemasks #OnlineClasses #kyoto #japan

* SSL146 – Watch or Listen

Sustainable, Ethical Branding + NonProfit Work | Justin Conley
Originally from Canada, here Justin Conley shares how his career of working in and with non-profits and companies has given insights into how to communicate a clear, ethical, effective message to create consumer loyalty and understanding. Justin is the Chief Insights Officer at ImageMill studios. Find out more about Image Mill co. in this interview with founder Richard Grehan.

* SSL147 – Watch or Listen

Ninja-Attack Authors Matt Alt and Hiroko Yoda join us again for a lively talk on the real-life stories of Japanese Ninja.
Regular favorites in the SSL series help end the autumn with a sneaky slip through the Shoji-doors as they tell us secrets, stories and insights about Ninja history and folklore in Japan.

Ninja Attack Book. Watch Hiroko + Matt’s talk about YUREI Ghosts in October 2020 Watch Hiroko + Matt’s talk about YOKAI Monsters in September 2020 Watch Matt talk about his latest book PURE INVENTION Matt Alt Hiroko Yoda

* SSL148 – Watch or Listen

Bonus SSL – Follow-Up with Mike Barr at his Sakara Guesthouse in Kyoto
Mike Barr is originally from Colorado, but has long had a passion for remodeling and restoring traditional Japanese houses in Kyoto Japan. Mike appeared as a guest in #seekingsustainabilitylive on July 30th, 2020.

And I was able to visit his guesthouses and talk with him in person while on a trip to Kyoto in November, 2020. It was great to talk with him in person and he told me so many great stories behind the choices in remodeling as well as strategy and technical details for remodeling with a view of running a guesthouse in Japan.

* SSL149 – Watch or Listen

Advice to Japan Destinations and Businesses for Sustainable Branding

In the beginning of October, I joined the river-buoys on the Japan By River Cruise podcast to talk about sustainability and Sustainable Travel.

At the end of October, it was an honor to be a speaker for theNetImpact Tokyo chapter seminar on Sustainable Business in Japan. I gave a talk on my insights from running a sustainability-focused business in Japan (starting at 42 minutes). I also shared some advice I give to destinations and businesses in Japan looking to improve their branding now during COVID19. My co-speaker for this event was the MyEcoLife founder Alex St-Jean who appeared as a guest in SSL in August.

Sustainability in Business from SIVENTH Admin on Vimeo.

I also joined a seminar for Hiroshima guides on November 9th to give ideas and support to local travel guides looking for training and study during this travel slow-down. Unfortunately, there is no public link or video available for this talk.

At the end of November, on the 24th, I had the pleasure of doing my first Instagram-LIVE interview on the EkoLokal App page, talking with Helene, who had appeared as a SSL guest in July to talk about her business Mottainai-Transition.

Special thank you for the background MUSIC for the videos intros and podcasts thanks to @Hikosaemon via SoundCloud