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Bo Jacobs: Nuclear Power was ‘Born Violent’

Last week’s talk with Nuclear Historian Professor Bo Jacobs at the Deshio A-bombed Warehouses in Hiroshima was illuminating.

Robert (Bo) Jacobs is a social historian of nuclear technologies and radiation techno-politics at the Hiroshima Peace Institute, Hiroshima City University, Japan. He has lived in Hiroshima for more than 14 years and he has traveled around the world studying post-WW2 Global Hibakusha – survivors of atomic testing and nuclear power disasters across the world.

Podcast (Audio only)

Sustainable Tourism Potential – Upcycled A-bombed Warehouses

Bo has a background in the American restaurant and catering industry and his son is a successful Chef in Spain, so we started our conversation talking about where we were at the potential reuse of these A-bombed Warehouse buildings. The warehouses could create a lot of sustainable tourism appeal of restaurants, hotels, museums and other new business ideas for the A-bombed Warehouses where we had the interview.

Dark Tourism Appeal

Bo has a lot of experience traveling the world to Dark Tourism sites and understands the appeal of these places to international visitors. The A-bombed warehouses could provide a historically relevant basis for a new business complex of goods and services to complement the peace-tourism industry in Hiroshima while spreading tourism to a wider are which is better for visitors as well as locals.

Born Violent: The Origins of Nuclear Power

After talking about our Silent Storyteller, the backdrop of the A-bombed warehouses, we started to discuss Bo’s latest research article called Born Violent: The Origins of Nuclear Power at the Iconic A-bombed warehouses in Hiroshima, Japan this month (2/2020).

In this video, Bo shares his insights on peace issues, dark tourism, his latest article on the origins of nuclear power and a little about his upcoming book – a culmination of the last 10 years of his work on Global Hibakusha- to be released in 2021.

Self-Care Needed for Overwhelming Jobs and Experiences

One of my favorite parts of the video is when Bo gives advice on how to make sure to practice self-care when you have a job that is often so heavy, sad and overwhelming. I appreciate the work Bo does to document these nuclear histories, collecting stories from communities who are often not a focus of articles and news programs. Bo’s work provides a legacy of the use of Nuclear power and weapons.

Every Living Creature Affected by Nuclear Use

It was a bit surprise to me that every single one of us is affected whether we know it or not- nuclear power, weapons, and testing has forever changed the environment of every single living creature on earth. He says in the video that Hiroshima and Nagasaki (as well as anywhere from city centers to deserted islands) show the effects of nuclear testing and disasters since 1945 than due to the attacks of 1945!

I look forward to reading Bo’s upcoming book as well as meeting again soon to talk about nuclear power and weapons issues in Japan and around the world.

Read more of Bo’s work and latest research:

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