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Thank you COVID19 S/Heroes

Here’s a tribute to our hardworking s/heroes around the world fighting COVID19 + it includes you!

There are so many inspirational stories from around the world of people essential to the fight against the COVID19 coronavirus I want to share. I’d also like to thank you for your efforts too! Our most important task is to stay home and support others (from afar)- and make every effort to be especially kind to others in this time of panic. That’s a way we can all be a part of the s/hero network.

Healthcare S/Heroes

I’m brought to tears daily hearing and seeing the heartbreaking stories of people risking everything to save others. Medical technicians, nurses, doctors, clerks, drivers, delivery staff, cleaners, maintenance workers.. so many people working in all areas of the hospitals are on the frontlines of this war against the coronavirus COVID19 disease.

Without them, we don’t have a chance to survive this crisis. There are so many hurdles as so many hospitals are underfunded and overwhelmed to handle so many infectious diseases at the same time. Even here in Japan where many thought the country was an outlier to the crisis, beds are in short supply.

Hospital staff take on the highest risks and have so little reward – they work long hours, often lacking protective gear, and then have to quarantine themselves from their loved ones at home. It’s vital that we do our part to #StayHome to help #FlattenTheCurve and support our medical staff. None of us are immune from this disease, so saving others by staying home also means saving ourselves and our loved ones too.

Many in the medical community getting frustrated by people going on with life as usual as if this time off work and school were like any other holiday. Bondi Beach had to be closed to stop people crowding the beaches, and in Japan the cherry blossoms were blooming and the public found it hard to follow the soft coronavirus guidelines not to get-together in crowds in such beautiful weather.

Recent data from ToyoKeizai, however, confirms that there is a rise in COVID19 cases in Japan.


The best way the public can help fight the pandemic is to stay at home by working or studying from home, canceling all plans for get-togethers, events, celebrations and anything you usually attend in a group.

Comedy news shows like The Daily Show, Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers have all been great role-models for the Work-From-Home (WFH) effort. Providing viewers with information as well as helping us maintain our sense of humor during the crisis.

The Australian NSW government encouraged everyone to stay at home saying, we all have to assume we have the coronavirus,

“All of us have to assume we have [the virus]. You have to act in a way as though you have it and [think] how you won’t transfer that to other people,” Ms Berejiklian said.

In Japan, Tokyo Governor Koike told Tokoyites not to go out over the weekend for anything other than non-essential trips. Staying at home can save lives as it slows the spread of the virus.

Popular hashtags on social media for those who are staying home:

  • #IStayHome to add accountability and transparency to social media tweets by people following the advice of WHO to stay home for anything but essential trips
  • #StayHome and #StayHomeSaveLives are the most common hashtags on social media to encourage people to stay home
  • #IStayHomeFor was started by actor Kevin Bacon to encourage his followers to stay home by posting photos of their reasons and tagging 6 friends

StayHome Heroes

It’s not easy to stay home, but it certainly makes it easier when there are great resources online to open your mind as well as necessary escapism. Many companies offer services online for free during this crisis, and there are other offerings of online courses such as EDX where you can use time at home to get qualifications and certifications as well as join free courses from universities and training schools around the world.

Crossborder S/Heroes

DemocracyNOW news reported that a Cuban medical team traveled to Italy to help with the COVID19 outbreak in that hard-hit region.

One of the members of the team interviewed told of the need for solidarity and humanitarian support of those in need during this crisis. This is an amazing show of international cooperation that transcends politics, country borders and other restrictions mankind has put on our lives which in reality do not apply to natural disasters and disease outbreaks.

One way we can help protect and support medical staff is to make sure we don’t buy up masks, hand-sanitizers and other essential medical equipment that healthy people do not need to use and medical staff does not have enough of. The only guidelines when you should wear a mask is if you have a cough and fever and need to go to the hospital. As the public is panic-buying masks, hand-sanitizer and toilet-paper, South Korea started to make masks only available via prescription to stop hoarding and make sure the people who need them are able to maintain a good supply.

UK Volunteers to help Assist NHS Hospital Staff

The public gets a bad rap for hoarding toilet paper, alcoholic cleansers, masks and other essential items as panic often lead to selfish behavior. But a fantastic story of heroism emerged from the UK public who responded enthusiastically to a call for help. Government leaders asked for 250,000 volunteers to help hospital staff under the National Health Scheme (NHS) and more than 500,000 signed-up to volunteer in 1 day.

Unsung S/heroes

Grocery store staff are doing essential work restocking shelves and calming panicked shoppers.

Delivery Drivers are doing vital work in delivering food and necessary supplies to people staying at home. As many drivers have tough work conditions but some in Japan are being harassed by stressed residents scared of getting infected, so zero-contact deliveries have begun by many companies. During this stressful time, please be especially kind and appreciative of any delivery drivers and staff.

People who work in waste management are also essential workers, but they rarely get respect, enough credit or paid sick leave. Handling trash during the virus is a dangerous job putting them at risk. S/heroes one and all.

Companies Step Up for the Assist

Recently, sewing groups, companies, and manufacturers are starting to help supply masks. TESLA’s Elon Musk has started to supply masks and ventilators to hospitals. The Japanese government is aiming to provide 600 million masks by the end of March by asking Japanese manufacturers such as SHARP co. to start producing them.

Hockey mask manufacturers have event done a pivot in operations to start to make face-shields to help protect medical staff.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has said to TEST-TEST-TEST in order to effectively locate and segregate those infected in communities, yet the lack of tests has been a huge hurdle worldwide. Many companies are working hard to improve the quality and pricing of tests to make it more widely available. A UK-Senegal collaboration looks nearly ready to launch a 10-minute test that only costs $1.

It’s easy to get depressed and overwhelmed during this crisis, but there are positive stories of hope out there to celebrate. Please share these stories to your network as well as reach out to others (from a safe distance) to offer support and encouragement. Please take care + stay safe folks!

If you have some great links or stories of s/heroes to share- I’d love to hear them, so please tag me on twitter @jjwalsh or Instagram @inboundambassador or send it via DM/PM.