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Celebrating Women of Japan Project

Melanie Brock profiled a woman living in Japan every day for a year to shine a light on diversity and achievements of the 51%.

Gender Equality is a key aspect of sustainable development in business and society anywhere in the world. The 2018 Celebrating women in Japan project was a wonderful way to pivot the spotlight to the diverse, important roles of women in Japanese society. Here is an introduction to the project and a podcast interview with the project founder, Melanie Brock.

‘Celebrating Women in Japan’ is an interesting social-media based project that started last year launched by long-time Japan resident Melanie Brock.

Melanie set a goal to profile 365 women in a year in English and Japanese across multiple social-media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and her own MelanieBrockJapan website.

The women profiled submitted two photos of themselves at different stages of their life and shared three answers to questions about themselves, advice for future generations, and how they think things could be improved for women in Japanese society. Their answers were then edited to fit into a Twitter post and translated by Melanie and her team. The profiles were translated into English or Japanese in order to present a unified, bilingual, and diverse point of view in order to be available to a wider audience in Japan and abroad.

This was an ambitious project and thanks to Melanie’s hard work and dedication, she was able to put the spotlight on women in all walks of life, from all parts of Japan.

I had the opportunity to catch up with Melanie for a chat about the successes, challenges and future implications of her 2018-2019 project.

As posted on her website, Melanie Brock writes why she started the project:

In 2018, I want to celebrate the women of Japan. I meet many terrific, smart and talented Japanese women. They inspire so many. I want to tell their story and spread the word about the incredible contribution women make to Japan.

CelebratingWomenInJapan is based on the wonderful project created by Dr Kirstin Ferguson in Australia called ‘Celebrating Women’.

In 2017, Kirstin gathered profiles of more than 700 women from as many as 37 countries and published a profile on social media. Please follow #CelebratingWomeninJapan on Facebook and Twitter @womenofjapan where you can celebrate women in Japan from all walks of life, every single day.

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