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To make it easier for fans of the Seeking Sustainability Live podcasts to find pods they are most interested in, you can now find them below by category. If you’d like a new category, My DMs are open for suggestions!

Community – Social Equity

Building better communities and using innovation and social support best-practice models to lessen social equity gaps in Japan. This covers a diverse range of non-profit work as well as activism and entrepreneurs with a passion for social impact. Racism, Sexism, Ageism, Diversity, Inclusion, Indigenous peoples, Culture, Traditions, Heritage, Art, Music and History are also important in sustainable communities.

Sustainable Travel + Tourism

Tourism, guiding, tours, travel, destinations, branding and marketing as well as business transitions, adjustments and innovation during Covid19. Moving away from mass tourism, overtourism, promoting slow travel, rural tourism, longer stays, less impact transportation, and international best-practices of the hospitality industry.

Business Experts

Veteran Japanese Business Insiders who understand Japan’s unique work culture as well as the influences of international markets and policies.


Business, travel, fashion, buildings, sustainability, history, heritage and food – Japan focused writers, authors and researchers.

Remodel / Japanese Carpentry + House Design

Innovators, entrepreneurs, frugal-minded folk, people transitioning from city to country life and more describe their remodel, restore, rebuild, and refresh projects for traditional houses in Japan to recreate them into comfortable homes.

Natural – Organic – NoTill Farming

Organic, no-till, pesticide-free, natural methods, grow your own food, gardening talks.

waste management

Zero-waste, low-waste, recyclables, reuse, refuse, plastic-free, BYOB, beach clean-ups, hacks, apps, advice, consumer activism and waste management innovation.

Kimono + Tea Culture

Every type of innovation from tea ceremony to western clothes and traditional kimono fusion styles, to upcycling vintage kimono into new products as a business.


Being vegan or vegetarian in Japan in 2021 is still a challenge. This collection features talks about vegan, vegetarian and plant-based products, businesses, tips and advice for residents and travelers, as well as new shops, events and products.

Bonus Episodes

Bonus episodes include follow-up interviews and interviews with JJWalsh about the Seeking Sustainability Live Talkshow Series and other sustainable business and travel consulting insights from Japan.

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