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SSL#8 Dave Enright – Evergreen Outdoor Center

Dave Enright has shown that sustainability-focused business success is best practice.

Originally from Squamish BC, Canada Dave Enright has always loved the mountains and outdoor sports of all kinds. Dave is the founder of the Evergreen Outdoor Center in the big mountains of Hakuba, Nagano.

Dave claims that failing French and sticking with Japanese in high-school may have set him on a path to spend his life living and working in Japan.

He spent many years working on various mountains around the world, starting in Whistler learning techniques of adventure sports and safety in both the winter and summer months. In the 1990’s Dave transitioned to working in the Japanese mountains of Niseko (Hokkaido) and Hakuba (Nagano).

Hakuba is world-famous for its winter sports as well as a great place to escape the summer heat to enjoy outdoor wilderness activities. The Evergreen Outdoor Center offers a variety of programs, activities, and tours all year.

Dave started with taking people on Snowshoe tours and added avalanche safety courses after a tragic avalanche killed people out enjoying snowsports in Hakuba in 1999. He has worked with facilities to open up powder off-piste areas safely by balancing safety courses with access to amazing runs skiers and snowboarders crave.

Dave opened the Evergreen Outdoor Center in 2000 and now has more than 200 staff and many branches of the business. Dave’s efforts have built a strong sustainable brand not only for the Evergreen co., but the destination of Hakuba.

As climate change hits the snow facilities hard, Dave has a lot of great ideas for how they can diversify to survive. He has been offering great summer programs for kids (and kids of all ages) during the summer months at the Evergreen Outdoor Center

In this chat, we talk about the mountain sports Dave’s background, the Evergreen Outdoor Center company, and the many upcoming events and opportunities for cooler summer fun (while still social distancing) that they have on offer this summer. We will also talk about Dave’s many other mountain-loving pursuits and his passion for sustainability in many different projects over his many years in Japan.