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Diving in with Deep Kure

“In this Corner of the World” is a beautiful animated film that will be shown with English subtitles in Japan this August.

The story is set in the naval town of Kure, Hiroshima during the war and follows the life of a young woman growing up in wartime Japan. It is an interesting insight into Japanese culture, gender equality and peace issues so important to consider when living or visiting Japan.

I had a chance to learn more about Kure when I walked around with Reiko-san, a local guide and local expert who runs the DeepKure guide group.

Before watching the “In this Corner of the World” film in English this summer, if you are visiting or living in the Hiroshima area, I would recommend walking around with Reiko-san or one of her Deep-Kure guide team and seeing the real locations which will appear in the film as well as to hear Reiko’s personal insights about growing up there.

Reiko-san was a presenter at the 12/2019 Seeking Sustainability- サステイナビリティを求めて event.

When I had a chance to walk around with Reiko, we met at a lovely cafe and chatted with its working-mother owner offering simply tasty foods (including vegan) and featuring locally handmade items, some by local charities, and many items unique to Kure. The shopkeeper of “Cafe the Bricks” is a young, friendly female entrepreneur actively collaborating with many local charities, farmers and businesses.

Kure is a great place to take photos even on rainy days as the statues, buildings, parks, and shops have a unique look in #Kure

Thanks to Reiko, I learned a bit about the film locations as well as many things about the military history, the heritage of a travel-photographer owner at the naval coffee base of Subaru Coffee 呉本店/1959店, as well as many more details of the Kure curry and fried cake experience that I hadn’t realized before.

Kure is easy to access by train or car and is quite walkable once you arrive. It’s an interesting town to wander in day or night and there are short drives, or bus rides, or cycle rides, to interesting ports, museums, and islands nearby.

Next time, I’d like to go back on a Friday, the typical curry-rice eating day in Kure to see if there is a buzz around its main curry shops. I learned from Reiko that many of the shops follow a particular recipe that is specific to a certain Naval ship- I had no idea! Aren’t local guides great?! I really appreciate all the wonderful stories and insights as a part of my visit.

If anyone is interested in Kure and improving your rank as a #GoogleLocalGuide – I’ll be setting up collaborations with Reiko-san to do a 2-hour Google Guide seminar. I’m currently ranked in the top 1% of Google Local Guides in Hiroshima and attended the Connect Live Google Conference in 2019. So, I am happy to help explain how to improve your content and photos on Google maps so you can help create destination appeal for your area as well as qualify for future Google Local guide events. After a short explanation session, we will do a Kure photowalk and finish with coffee time, summary and Q&A session at the end.

Feel free to get in touch via one of my social media channels if you’re interested in reserving a place at a future guide seminar.