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EV’s for Japan’s Sustainable Future

As a proud Tesla Model 3 owner now for 5 mos- I realize the huge potential for EV’s as a great sustainable lifestyle choice.

Climate Reality did a great post on how positive change can happen when destinations #ditchcoal

Soft Power Push
In reality, there seem to be very little normal people can do to influence a government’s coal policy, but one of the #softpower ways normal folk like us can help is to consider changing to an EV Electric Car. Thinking of how the energy you charge with is sourced is also important. For me, my Blue #Tesla #Model3 #EV #ElectricCar doing great 5 mos on. I’m so happy with the performance and comfort of this electric car, but even more excited that we can use our home solar panels to charge the car! Even if you don’t have your own solar PV system, you can choose the source of your energy to include renewables.

Japan has great electric transportation like the trains and in Hiroshima, the electric Astram Monorail would be even better if it could also charge with #solarpower or other renewables. Electric transportation charged with renewable energy would be a 🌞#winwinwin to reduce costs + pollution while improving health & hitting global #SDGtargets for #Japan

For longer trips, Tesla cars can use the #supercharger network. I haven’t heard any news of this in Japan (it is being considered in California) but it would be great if these superchargers (or ideally all EV chargers) we’re powered by renewables.

Of course, the initial price of an EV is more expensive than a good fuel economy gas car in Japan. Choosing a Tesla for me was about choosing the best product available on the market and the staff was very helpful in setting up deposits, loans and getting the EV rebate.

Walk the Walk
As a sustainable business consultant, it was the right investment to be an early adopter. It still cost over 4 million yen (even after 400,000 EV car rebate) $37,000 USD. But I am reducing the charge I would have spent on gas from my monthly payments and it seems more reasonable. There are also benefits for my community as there are #zeroemissions I also plan for this to be my last car and share it with my kids who will also be drivers in the next few years.

Here’s one of many good articles on the #circulareconomy of electric cars from creation to disposal.

Peace of Mind
I cringe hearing of oil companies destroying people and planet, so using our #softpower to create less demand for gas helps people and the planet as drilling, running pipelines, as well as emissions, contribute to the #climatecrisis

I look forward to a truly #sustainable future when our transport includes more #electricvehicles as well as #sharedvehicles and people-power bicycles as transport in our #bicyclefriendlycommunities A future where our transportation is powered by 100% #renewableenergy #cleaneneegy #cleantransportation is more sustainable as it will not only improve our quality of life and the environment, but also be a boost to our economy.

Destinations that use these sustainable features like these in #destinationbranding will appeal to more residents and visitors which is a particularly important aspect of a strong economy across Japan due to the shrinking workforce population.

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