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The Seeking-Sustainability-LIVE talkshow series just passed its 8th month and shows no signs of slowing! Here are some answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ).

What is SSL?

Seeking Sustainability LIVE (SSL) series of interviews with good people (experts, insiders, activists, entrepreneurs, community builders, peacemakers, volunteers, business owners, students..) doing great things across Japan. The series started in April 2020 and will continue as long as there are interesting people to talk with and people interested to listen. SSL is broadcast LIVE every weekday at either 9am or 5pm (Japan time).

WHY are you “Seeking Sustainability?”

When guests tell us their insights and stories, it sparks new ideas as well as show that sustainability is everywhere, achievable, fun, inspiring, and worthwhile in our lives. If we all “seek” better, more sustainable options and opportunities, we will all benefit from more productive societies and a more viable planet. Shifting our demand to more sustainable products and services is also creating a more sustainable economic future.

Why Livestream to multiple channels?
LIVESTREAMING is the future- it is a fast-growing, desirable medium across the world we will see more and more of in the near future. Livestreaming is also engaging and accountable as it opens the conversation up to people like you who watch or listen and may want to add a question or comment along the way. Livestreaming is also transparent – no hiding behind editing here! The central principle of sustainability is finding a balance between the needs of people and planet with profits.

Who are the guests?

Talkshow Guests
SeekingSustainabilityLIVE guests are good people (experts, academics, researchers, insiders, activists, entrepreneurs, community builders, peacemakers, volunteers, business owners, students..) living in Japan, or who have businesses in Japan (but are currently not allowed back into Japan) doing great things to improve the quality of life of people or improve the impact of the environment in some way.

In September, guests who are passionate about Japanese culture, heritage and sustainability from outside Japan will also be guests in the series – we can learn so much from a Japan-focus from both inside Japan looking out and outside looking in – especially important to make these border-crossings now that travel is restricted.

Where are the listeners?

At the moment, the biggest audience is in the US for both YouTube and the podcast audio versions of the talks. About 1,000 people are watching SSL YouTube videos each week and about 100 are listening to the podcasts each month.

The audience is English speakers interested in Japan and/or sustainability issues living in Japan, the USA, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, as well as parts of Europe and other countries in Asia- especially Singapore, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, China, and Taiwan.

Livestream Channels

Where are the full-length videos?
All the videos are hosted on this YouTube Playlist, short versions are kept in the InboundAmbassador Facebook page videos, and a small selection are kept on my VIMEO channel.

Where is the Podcast?

Audio versions of the talks are hosted in podcast form available on Spotify, Itunes, Google, and other channels.

How do you put up images during the show?

It’s not easy and I have learned a lot over the last 4 months watching tutorials and learning by trial and error. It is certainly getting easier the more I do it.

By the way, if you would like a tutorial about getting started with multichannel live streaming, or if you would like me to help you organize and run the technical side of a future talk you’d like to host, please get in touch [inboundambassador [atmark]]. I can set up a session at a price that works for you or your business to help get you started.


This is a self-funded series which is a fantastic foundation for my brand. It’s a wonderful networking and branding tool that I hope functions as a public service. I am not paid by any of the guests to promote their businesses or products – and the guests are also graciously donating their time- to share insights about their work.

How can I support the SSL series?

Financial Supporters
If you’d like to join the small team of supporters of the series who get bonus material and pre-releases on Patreon, please become a monthly supporter (from $1/month). More Ways to support SSL

I’m also very open to collaborative projects, so please get in touch if you have any ideas for how we can support and help each other.

FREE supporters
The series would never have lasted this long if it wasn’t for a supportive audience- thank you all so much! I appreciate all of the new subscribers, comments, likes, shares and social media promotion many of you are doing to help this series be a success.

If you want to become a free supporter, please subscribe to YouTube and the other the Livestream channels you follow, share the PR before the event, comment and ask questions during the livestreams, and then share the videos after as well as like them, add your comments and share it with your social media networks.