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Fun & Easy Homemade Soap

One of the best ways to avoid COVID19 is to wash your hands- so why not try this simple recipe to make your own natural soap.

March 2020 is the height of coronavirus worries in Japan as schools are closed and events across the country are canceled. Yet, experts tell us that washing hands with soap and water is even more effective than wearing masks.

Lack of soap in public toilets

It’s not only toilet paper burglary that is a problem in Japan during this coronavirus outbreak, but it’s also the lack of soap at restroom sinks that are worrying. So, I’ve started carrying around my own soap to use when out and about as many shops and eateries restrooms don’t have any soap!

You can easily buy liquid soap at any drug store, but for a more sustainable version, it’s best to carry around your own bar of soap in a reusable container. LUSH Japan sells cute metal or cork reusable shampoo bar containers that work well for a small bar of soap to keep in your bag. You can cut a larger bar of soap you have at home to fit in a small container, or make your own.

February’s #SeekingSustainabilityEvent workshop was a fun way to learn a quick and easy, natural soapmaking recipe with Rika-sensei. Rika is a teacher as well as a Ph.D. student and a handmade beauty product guru. She is now writing a dissertation on the benefits of aromatherapy with elderly patients.

In this video you can see the recipe as well as Rika’s advice as we run through the simple steps in English and Japanese.

One of the bags of soap base is available online and can make up to 20 bars of soap with a 1kg bag of “soap base” as we did at the event. It was fun to mix in the camomile tea with the soap base and essential oils, add a little honey too if you like.

Thanks again Rika – we’re looking forward to your next beauty DIY workshop!

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