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Beautiful furniture + forest preservation

Buying handmade, high-quality products that we love and want to use for a long time is one of the best ways we can support sustainability in Japan.

The Conde House company in Hokkaido has a long history of creating beautifully designed furniture while preserving the forests. There are many interesting takeaways about how Conde House is a sustainable business that will be explored in more detail in a future interview- but we have a preview of how the company practices sustainability in Norm Nakamura’s video on Tokyo Lens.

A desk designed and built to last for generations

As a professional YouTuber, Tokyo Lens, Norm Nakamura needed a desk for his new studio and instead of going to IKEA or ordering from Amazon as many of us do out of convenience, he sought out something more special for this important space in his home.

Norm discovered the good folk at Conde House and created an interesting video about the three months he spent working in collaboration with various staff at the company designing and creating a personalized, stunning handmade wooden desk created with artistry and a passion for woodwork. He worked with the sales staff, carpenters, designers, and craftspeople at the Conde House woodcraft facility in Japan’s north island of Hokkaido.

In the video, we see Norm Nakamura ofTokyo lens documenting the process from start to finish- the perfect example of buying beautiful, high-quality products that we can use for generations – a perfect example of sustainable living.

Sustainable Business Creates Positive Knock-On Effects for People + Planet

Supporting a sustainable business like Conde House has so many positive knock-on effects on sustainability.

Forest Preservation as Business Mission

The company is ethically sourcing its renewable resource material wood- Tokyo Lens says they plant 4,000 trees a year in the forest to “keep it sustainable”. Providing employment to locals, passing on skills and traditions to workers, and working with natural materials and products makes the workplace and products better and safer for both workers and customers.

Dedication to the Craft
It is clear in the video that there is a deep reverence for the wood as the craftsmen keep a solid piece that the customer has chosen and feel nervous not to mess it up as there are no do-overs, every step of the process is done with great care. The strong work ethic and level of dedication to the craft is inspiring to watch and a product can be more deeply appreciated once that is realized.

Customer Engagement and Transparency
Most people do not have the chance to watch the process of their products being made from start to finish, so it is wonderful to be able to share the experience with Norm in the video. Norm does mention in the video that he is kept in the loop on the latest developments in the process from the craftspeople and staff even when he is not there in person. This is a fantastic example of high-quality customer service which involves customer engagement and transparency.

Restoration Services

In our use and throw out modern society, there are few companies offering repair and restoration services, but this is an important part of the Conde House business. Restoration is more sustainable as the life of the sourced materials can be used and reused for longer and has much less impact than harvesting new materials.

I look forward to finding out more about this sustainable business- watch this space for an interview livestream chat coming soon.