Inbound Ambassador

Happy New Year 2021

Here’s wishing you a new year of hope as we seek out sustainability together!

2020 was supposed to be a fabulous year in Japan as excitement swirled around the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and businesses investment a lot of time and money in preparing to welcome millions of travelers. That as we all know did not happen as the world changed and travel became impossible.

This break in travel and confinement to home for the safety of ourselves and our communities has actually opened up new channels of connection. We are no longer confined to networking and learning from people we know, work with or live near. As long as there is an internet connection, there is someone new we can collaborate with, support and be inspired by.

My goal in 2021, is to build on the many connections I have made through the #SeekingSustainabilityLIVE talkshow series to keep us inspired and help us overcome new challenges. I have some exciting plans in place as I further expand my SSL network to Seek Sustainability even more thanks to all the amazing supporters and guests of the 2020 series.

I have been reflecting on how I can add more value to the experience and will be adding #workshop sessions to the mix where we can learn how to make, or how to do, or how to think about something new. I’ll be collaborating with insiders and experts from across Japan, as well as those from across the world who also play a key role in influencing Japanese culture, and the sustainability of people, planet and profits in Japan.

Happy New Year everyone!

Looking ahead into a new year, my wish for you is that when you see new possibilities, you will be able to make more inspired, thoughtful choices that help you feel happier in your day-to-day as well as more connected to the world and people around you. This is something I am trying to keep in focus for myself.

Seeking sustainability is a type of training, not about taking away things you love, but adding value to your life by making choices which are less damaging to people and planet – which is ultimately, going to also add the most value to your life!

There are so many challenges to face this year when seeking a more sustainability focused life, but I hope the work that I do highlighting innovation and stories from people doing inspiring work can spark new ideas in all of us.

Thank You!

I’d like to say a big, huge thank you and give a big round of applause to so many of you who supported me in 2020 with your comments, shares, likes, volunteering, collaborations as well as financial support – I wouldn’t be able to consider continuing without you!!