Inbound Ambassador

Interview in Postcards from Japan

Thrilled to be interviewed by the JNTO (Japan National Tourism Org) international team about my origin story and travel insights for Hiroshima and the Chugoku area of Japan.

It’s hard to believe my journey in Japan started as a JET in Kyushu in the early 90’s which led to traveling Asia and a little bit of Europe, even a few weeks of Morrocco, before heading back to new jobs in Hiroshima. We had always felt fondly about the city after spending a few nights in the city on one of the long weekend trips we took across Japan during our JET days.

Like I say in the JNTO article, we were able to create a meaningful connection with some local people during our visit and in our first year once we moved here, and wanted to create a way to share those insights with residents and visitors. That’s why we started adding event and place listings to GetHiroshima in the late 90’s.

It was hard to decide which of my favorite insights about life in Hiroshima to share, there are so many, but I chose the connection between Okonomiyaki and Hiroshima’s wartime history, heritage, recovery and resilience.

There is so much I have learned about sustainability in business, travel and entrepreneurship through the Seeeking Sustainability Live Talkshow series this year. I’m grateful I was able to give a shoutout to some of the guests who talked about sustainable travel in SSL.

Another great example of how collaborating with and supporting others working toward a more sustainable future can help us all, and the overall branding of Japan as a destination.