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Interviews with JJWalsh

As I introduce people on the SSL series every day, people sometimes ask, but what about you? I add my own ideas in the SSL talks, but here are interviews kind folks have done with me so far in 2020.

100th Episode LIVE interview

By popular vote, the 100th episode of the seeking sustainability live talkshow series (September 15th 9am Japan Time) will be focused on me for the hour as talented journalist-writer Joan Bailey turns the tables and asks me questions. Please join us LIVE on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Twitch (see links to these channels on the main top page of InboundAmbassador) to add your questions and comments to the mix.

August 2020

Jonathon Walsh of Business Grow also did a stunning profile of me and my ideas during the COVID19 Coronavirus.

July 2020

I talked with Marisa Gelencser and her fabulous crew at Eas-y Green early on in the series about the Eco-Hachi Food Wrap and online social support they give for sustainability seeking families in Japan. Here is an interview they did with me for one of their fun projects to promote sustainable living.