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Welcome to Inbound Ambassador, I’m JJWalsh.

I’ve spent most of my life now living and working in Japan- what a wonderful and interesting country! After more than twenty years teaching business, innovation, sustainability, and tourism to university students, I launched Inbound Ambassador in April of 2019 as a way to put years of sustainable tourism theory, ideas and research to work.

I grew up on the beautiful island of Oahu but went to California to get a BA in Psychology. I think the seeds of interest in the people-planet-profit balance of sustainable tourism were planted in my last year of university during my exchange program in Oslo, Norway. The importance placed on social equity, urban planning and business with a focus on environmental and social ethics helped establish the importance of sustainability-focused management in my mind.

My introduction to the wonders of Japan started in Kyushu as my first job after university on the JET program. Following JET, traveling around Asia and Europe for 2 years helped me understand tourism from the user perspective. I returned to Japan and settled in Hiroshima where for the next twenty-two years I taught university students about business concepts and strategies, innovation and ran a seminar and research projects focused on sustainable tourism in Japan.

In 2010 I began to research eco-tourism and sustainable tourism models across Japan. In 2014, I was excited to encounter the inspiring zero-waste town of Kamikatsu. In 2016, my MA in Sustainable-Tourism development and management finished with a paper on the successes and challenges of building environmental and social equity at the Peace Memorial Museum in Hiroshima.

Over my long teaching and researching career in Japan, I have built up a collection of case studies and success stories from my extensive travel experiences across Japan and abroad. I find these stories and examples invaluable as they are applied to new products, marketing, and planning projects. Many of my articles on the topic of sustainable tourism can be found on InboundAmbassador and GetHiroshima. Active discussions, short topics, clean-up activism and news updates on Facebook and Twitter. My Op-ed on Overtourism issues and Innovation in Japan published 4/24/2019 on the Nikkei Asia Journal.

If you have a product or business that is trying to balance the needs of people, planet and profits (=sustainability) please get in touch. I look forward to working with you on the best way to promote your product and services to the inbound markets.

Joy Jarman-Walsh
Inbound Ambassador

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