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Japan Podcasts Hosted by Women

As Japan’s podcast scene heats up, here are great podcasts hosted by women who deserve your ears.

As I launched my own SSL podcast from Japan in April 2020, I’ve collaborated with and came across some great podcasts that I would like to share with you.

Here are some excellent podcasts, which are focused on Japan, and hosted by creative, intelligent, insightful, and inspiring women.

Japanese Culture

Fans of folklore and a soft and soothing voice will love Thersa Matsuura’s monthly podcast, Uncanny Japan where she shares weird, wacky and deep stories from Japan.

Also on YouTube.

Kurly in Kansai

Ayana and Alyse co-host a monthly podcast called Kurly in Kansai “a podcast about 2 black women’s experience in the Kansai area of Japan”. Looking forward to talking with Ayana Wyse on the SSL series in 2021 to talk about her BLM activism, founding Black Creatives, photography, music and more.

Business in Japan

Innovation and crossing cultures are important themes in Brittany Arthur’s regular video and audio podcast series called Business Karaoke. BusinessKaraoke YouTube channel.

Exploring Environmentalism in Japan

Helene Queguiner of Mottainai Transition talks with guests from around Japan to talk about reducing waste and helping the planet in a variety of ways. Helene was a guest in the SSL series.

Support and Coaching for Working Women

Helen Iwata has been running a regular Sasuga Podcast which focuses on issues for working women, as well as interviews with businesspeople.

Learning Japanese

Nihongo with Ako – Akiko Suzuki is a wonderful Japanese teacher who will be on the #seekingsustainabilitylive talkshow on 12/29/2020. She helps people interested in learning Japanese study with group or individual lessons online as well as via a regular podcast.

On YouTube:

Travel Topics from Nagasaki in Japanese

Miyako’s Podcast is a Japanese podcast (sometimes with a little in English) about travel. Miyako has an international view and often hosts interesting guests.

Bilingual Podcast by a Female Entrepreneur

Natsumi Ito discusses her startup, travels, frustrations and even depression in her life in Japan. It’s refreshing to hear her honesty as she shares to help and support others.

Japan Travel Topics

Laura Blackhall is co-host of The Future of Travel with Jessop Petroski who was a guest in the SSL talkshow series.

Embracing Diversity

Non-native creative creator Alisha Ivelich was a fantastic guest in the SSL series and the podcast of her interview has been the most popular download in 2020.

Alicia has a video component of her podcast on her YouTube channel.

Building Confidence

Jayne Nakata is a podcaster, speaker, consultant and life coach who lived in Japan for many years, has been living in Sweden, and is transitioning back to Japan in 2021.

Seeking Sustainability LIVE

Shameless self-promotion here- I’m JJWalsh and I host a livestream talkshow every weekday with insiders and experts around Japan who have interesting work, study, passions or insights that relate to sustainability. The aim of the show is to promote the good work that these good people are doing which is helping create a better quality of life. Sustainability in terms of keeping a balance between the needs of people and planet with necessary profits.


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Hope there are some new podcasts here for you to enjoy!

Feel free to get in touch and let me know if there are any I’m missing that I should add.