Inbound Ambassador

Keep Seeking-Sustainability-LIVE Going

Seeking Sustainability LIVE could continue for years, but not without funding.

I have so much gratitude to everyone who has showered the series with support since its start in April 2020, all the social support of likes, shares, comments and subscriptions of my social media channels is amazing. That said, I will have to stop the time-consuming series at the end of March no matter how much I love it if I can’t secure some funding to keep the lights on.

Collaborative Work

It’s not only about money, I am very open to work in-kind or in-exchange – hire me to do some PR marketing work, or consulting, for you, or your sustainable product, service or business and we can strike a deal about an exchange that works for both of us. I’m very open to how we can help one another in this world! Feel free to get in touch with collaborative projects, suggest guests or topics for the series and more via email: inboundambassador [at] gmail | Looking forward to hearing from you!