Inbound Ambassador

Which Japanese Snacks have the Least Plastic Waste?

As we creep up on Halloween festivities in Japan planning costumes and treats for ghoulish fun is exciting, but is there is any way to celebrate yet improve on the usual plastic garbage nightmare?!

Here I enlist the kids to help with an investigation into which snacks have the most and least plastic packaging that we bought with an aim to limit the amount of plastic we were buying. Some packages of snacks were counterintuitive producing a lot of waste when we thought it might be the least wasteful.

The kids came up with some great ideas:

  • 1) It would be best if it were possible to use our own containers to buy snacks.
  • 2) Make your own snacks (they mean get mom to make homemade snacks).
  • 3) Buy the lightest packaging that has the most paperlike feel (making it the easiest to burn).
  • 4) Buy cup style snacks that do not have extra internal plastic containers or wraps.

Ideally we will see more snack bins sold loose and sold by weight so we can fill our own reusable containers, but until that becomes a reality, here’s hoping your Halloween this year has a little less plastic in it!