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Life of a Beekeeper on Miyajima – Sweet Sustainability Video

Have you ever wondered about the life of a Beekeeper like in Japan? My latest video interview is now up on YouTube about my morning spent on a Honeybee Farm on Miyajima island with Hatsuhana company founder Hideki Matsubara.

The はつはな果蜂園 (Hatsuhana Bee Farm) is a cooperative of 3 bee farms on different islands in Hiroshima. This visit was to the farm on Miyajima island.

In terms of sustainability for the environment and society, I’m convinced that a key factor in preserving the ecological balance is the work of pollinators like honeybees which makes the work of beekeepers around Japan (and across the world) so important as they are endangered by local predators (like Susumebachi in the video) and mankind’s overuse of chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

Matsubara-san taught be about the diligence and hard work that goes into the management of a healthy #honeybee farm in #Japan

I will never take honey or its byproducts for granted again, I really appreciate all of the hard work that goes into preserving this trade.

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