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Every weekday at 9am or 5pm- 60 min talks with entrepreneurs, activists, innovators, writers, artisans, filmmakers and people across the world making a living helping Japan’s people + planet.

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January 2021

  • 1/6 – Justin Potts talks collaborative projects, fermentation and rural development – in Chiba
  • 1/7 – Todd Van Horne talks the ups and downs of the Umeshu + Umeboshi Industry – in Wakayama
  • 1/8 – Yan Fan talks Coding and the future of Japan’s Tech IT industry – in Tokyo
  • 1/11 (mon) 10-12 SSL Workshop – Making farm-to-table, vegan Mexican Food in Japan
  • 1/12 (tue) 9am – Tyler Lynch – Kameisei Ryokan Japanese Inn Co-owner talks Sustainable Hospitality + Future of Tourism
  • 1/13 (wed) 9am – Thomas Kloepfer – Pitchfork Farms– Organic farming through winter – what you can grow indoors
  • 1/14 (thurs) 9am – Azby Brown – SAFECAST – Environmental open-source data research and information service
  • 1/18 (mon) 5pm Hikosaemon + I talk about Japan’s latest News + connections to Sustainability in #WhatTheSustainableNewsJapan sub-series
  • 1/19 (tue) 9am – Photographer Alfie Goodrich talks about his stunning visual-media projects
  • 1/20 (wed) 1pm – Byron Nagy + Jacob Reiner talk Rural Real Estate, Akiya Remodel and Rural Community Appeal – EarthEmbassy Collaboration
  • 1/21 Azby Brown – Sustainable Innovation from the Edo Period Japan
  • 1/22 (fri) 1pm – Helen Iwata – Speaker, Podcaster, Consultant and Coaching – founder of Sasuga Communications
  • 1/25 (mon) 5pm – Ann Kilzer – Coding Engineer and Co-Founder of SpeakHer
  • 1/26 (tue) 9am – Chef Sage – Vegan Cooking and LGBTQ + Inclusive Spaces
  • 1/27 (wed) 9am – Ayana Wyse – Community-building through BLM Activism / Diversity + Inclusion
  • 1/28 (thur) 9am – Azby Brown – Traditional Japanese Carpentry + Building Methods
  • 1/29 (Fri) 5pm – Carolin + Werner – Aikido in Japan + Germany
  • 1/31 Sunday 10-12 (SSL Workshop #2) Noriko Shindo teaches how to make delicious plant-based vegan Middle Eastern foods with Japanese Ingredients
  • FEB 2021

  • Feb 1 – Talk with James Clark, a travel writer based in the UK about his plans for a trek along Tohoku’s MCT (Michinoku Coastal Trail) to document the stories of locals and capture the beautiful views and experiences in film and a book.
  • Feb 2nd – Michiaki Nishio talks of his passion for minimalist design, connection to nature in architecture and his HiroshimaGraphy art project.
  • On Wednesday, February 3rd, I talked with Kimono Fashionista and influencer Sheila Cliffe in #SSL187 about her research and collaborations with people working in the Kimono industry in Japan, as well as promoting it abroad.
  • Thursday, February 4th was a great chance to learn the ups and downs of running a small inn in Japan from Helen in #SSL188. Helen and her sea loving husband run the Kamakura by the Sea Inn. We were also treated to many of Helen’s insights on some of the best temples and shrines to visit in the area of Kamakura.
  • Bonus Talk with Azby Brown about the Genius of Japanese Carpentry – here are an interesting 19 minutes that didn’t quite squeeze into our 60 minute livestream chat. Some great takeaways here worth watching.
  • Feb 8th 6pm- The Simple Environmentalist talks Eco-Living + Vegan Tips in Japan | Emma Dendler
  • Feb 9th 10:30am – writer Melinda Joe gives us insights into some of her articles on Japanese culture, living and society
  • February 10th 9am Daniel James Moore talks Japan travel including Pickleball, Nagano lodgings and more.
  • Feb 14 (Sun) 10-12 SSL Workshop – Traditional Japanese (Vegan) Kaiseki Dishes taught by Kamesei Ryokan Chef Takei + Innkeeper Tyler Lynch – Private Online Cooking Class – Space Limited to 20
  • Monday 9am – Azby Brown has been in the series previously to talk about his book Just Enough, the Genius of Japanese Carpentry, and his work as lead researcher for SAFECAST radiation monitoring. This time, Azby will talk about his book: ‘The Very Small Home- Japanese Ideas for Living Well in Limited Space‘ with a forward by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma. I really enjoy reading the stories of these small houses in Japan which make such good use of natural light and functional design to bring the outside in and dismiss the notion that small spaces are cramped or limited.
  • Tuesday 5pm- Astrophysicist Elizabeth Tasker joins the series to introduce some key points from her book, ‘The Planet Factory’ as well as introduce us to the Hayabusa2 mission and other projects she helps introduce to the public in her Outreach and translation role for JAXA in Japan.
  • Author Hannah Kirshner gives us insights into her new book available from the end of March, 2021 – about her experiences in the beautiful mid-mountain Yamanaka area of Ishikawa prefecture
  • Travel Destination Content Creator and Tour Guide Justin Velgus introduces the appeal of his hometown of Sendai in Tohoku and we discuss sustainable tourism and travel issues in Japan
  • ((Soon)) Vegan Baker Rosa founder of Trick-or-Treat Sweets in Osaka will talk about some of her favorite plant-based sweets and her journey to launch her own business in the Kansai region of Japan.


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