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SSL Seeking Sustainability Talks LIVE

SeekingSustainabilityLIVE is a series of live interviews with people in Japan doing great things for Japan’s people and planet.

Follow a link below to see the latest livestream as it happens- talks happen regularly at 9am + 5pm JST (GMT+9) and some bonus talks at other times during the week.

Follow link below to a livestream once we have started a live show

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Upcoming Livestream Schedule

  • 6/1 (Mon) 9am – Current realities of Nuclear power, testing and weapons | Robert “Bo” Jacobs | SSL22
  • 6/1 (Mon) 5pm – Sustainable Business Promotion + Intercultural Communication | Renata Piazza | SSL23
  • 6/2 (Tue) 9am – Tesla Model 3’s + Driving EV’s in Japan | ChillinKansai+TeslaQuestJapan | SSL24
  • 6/3 (Wed) 9am – Artisan Baked Goods in Kyushu (Oiso) at Lee’s Bread | Lee Utsumi | SSL25
  • 6/4 (Thur) 9am – Providing opportunities for refugees at Refugees International Japan | Jane Best | SSL26
  • 6/4 (Thurs) 5pm – Sustainability-Focused Social Media Marketing with Eco de Iko | Katie O’Brien | SSL27
  • 6/5 (Fri) 5pm – Shochu culture, tradition + taste with a Shochu Pro | Stephen Lyman | SSL28

Past Livestreams

Seeking-Sustainability-LIVE Playlist

#20 Robin Lewis | The innovative MyMizu app project, Kickstarter fundraising, and how to balance people-planet and profits

#19 Melanie Brock | Japan’s Australia + New Zealand Collaboration Expert

#18 Starting an Upcycle Pet Basket Business in Tokyo | Deniz Aygun Benber

#17 Writing Stories about Japan with Integrity | Selena Hoy

#16: Is it easy to vegan-hack your favorite baked items? Teresa of TereCoco bakery in Okayama tells us how.

#15: Saving money and Sustainability go together perfectly in Japan – talking with Carey Finn + Mareike Dornhendge of Fast Train Ltd.

#14: Marketing + Branding in Hawaii vs Japan – talking with Barrett Ishida

#13: Kimono-clad film-maker Paprika-Girl shares her passion for traditional Japanese culture and the beauty of old Japan in Modern Life

#12 Joan Lambert Bailey | Japan’s Sustainable Life & Food Travel Writer

#11: Natural Farmer Thomas Kloepfer explains making natural, organic textiles in Onomichi at Tachibana Textiles + his Nepal HEMP research

#10: Living in an Energy-Efficient, Comfortable Passive House, Community Support + new Take-out Food initiative in Karuizawa to support small businesses – talking with Kevin Meyerson

#9: Peace Boat Volunteer-Travel Across the World, HAFU Ladies Support Group, Travel Writing & Instagram – talking with Nina Cataldo

#8: Sustainable Innovation and Integrity + Great Outdoor Adventures – talking with Dave Enright

#7: Understanding Cross-cultural Differences at Work in Japan with Rochelle Kopp

#6: Talking about the “World’s Best Attraction” Sengan-En with the Head of Overseas business for the Shimadzu Ltd. group, Alex Bradshaw

#5: Japan’s Plant-based Pioneer- talking with Alishan Tengu’s Jack Bayles

Ruth Jarman gives tips on How to Work From Home (WFH) in Japan
#4: Ruth Marie Jarman, CEO Jarman International

Talking Japan Behind the Lens with talented Media Entrepreneurs in Japan
#3: Alfie Goodrich, Chris Moore and Tia Haygood
Translation by Felix

Talking Sustainable Fashion Design in Japan with Mikan Brand’s Clementine Sandner
#2: Clementine Sandner
Translation by Felix

Talking about How to Grow Your Own Food with Talented Gardeners, Urban Gardening Coach, and Professional Organic Farmer
#1: Flo + Blaise, Thomas Kloepfer, Jon Walsh
Translation by Felix