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SeekingSustainabilityLIVE (SSL)

is a series of live interviews focused on promoting the interesting work of people in Japan, or focused on Japan, in terms of sustainability. The SSL series started in April 2020 to highlight the good work of passionate people in Japan helping diminish our impact on the planet, adding value to their communities, and doing work valuable to future generations.

Livestream talks are multistreamed to YouTube, Twitter/Periscope (jjwalsh), Twitch (JJWalsh_) and Facebook (InboundAmbassador).

SSL: SeekingSustainabilityLIVE talkshow series Schedule

Sept 14-18

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Seeking-Sustainability-LIVE Playlist

97- Education Support Raising Globally-Minded Kids

96- Forest Therapy and Sustainable Organizations to Love

95- Hive + Barrow – Organic farm + Cafe in Chiba

94 – WheelWomen Shimanami Cycling Travel

93 Secrets of YOKAI monsters

92 Love of Fermented Food and Drink

91 Ainu Heritage, Diversity + Inclusion

90 Tea-Tourism DokoCha + COVID19 Safety Digitomenu StartUps in Fukuoka

89 Community-Building Kiwi YouTuber Hikosaemon

88 Japanese Whiskey + Sake Insights

87 Stunning Family Trips in the Chugoku + Shikoku areas

86 Tokyo’s Urban Farming Coach

85 Lake Biwa Eco House Remodel


83-Supporting Bilingual Families on their Language Journey- Bilingual Monkeys

| Adam Beck | Episode 83


82- Creating Movements and Building Communities – EmpowermentWorks NPO

| Melanie St.James | Episode 82


81- Sustainable Business Consulting- Choosing Your Battles – Global Perspectives KK

| Tove Kinooka | Episode 81


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