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SeekingSustainabilityLIVE is a series of live interviews with people in Japan doing great things for Japan’s people and planet- Japan has so many great examples of successful sustainability in action if you know where to look!

This Livestream talk show series started in April 2020 to highlight the good work of passionate people in Japan helping diminish our impact on the planet, adding value to their communities, and doing work valuable to future generations.

Weekly Livestream interviews Monday to Friday 9 am or 5 pm (sometimes Saturday) – join us here on YouTube, on Twitter/Periscope (jjwalsh), Twitch (JJWalsh_) and on Facebook (InboundAmbassador).

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August 3-7 SSL Lineup

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Seeking-Sustainability-LIVE Playlist

66- Leading Sustainability Book & ReadTheAir Consultancy

| Trista Bridges | Episode 66


65- Place to Grow – Tohoku Recovery, Santa Soul Train + Adidas Sustainability Initiatives

| Angela Ortiz | Episode 65



64- Sustainable Transition Coaching with Mottainai-Transition

| Hélène Queguiner | Episode 64



63- Adventures on Japan’s Southern Island

| Simon + Moo – Kyushu Journeys | Episode 63



62- Colorful World- Peace Activism Singer-Songwriter

| Mayu Seto | Episode 62



61- Sustainable Marketing and Branding for Ethical Business

| Richard Grehan – ImageMill | Episode 61



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