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SeekingSustainabilityLIVE (SSL)

is a series of live interviews focused on promoting the interesting work of people in Japan, or focused on Japan, in terms of sustainability. The SSL series started in April 2020 to highlight the good work of passionate people in Japan helping diminish our impact on the planet, adding value to their communities, and doing work valuable to future generations.

Livestream talks are multistreamed to YouTube, Twitter/Periscope (jjwalsh), Twitch (JJWalsh_) and Facebook (InboundAmbassador).

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Past Livestreams

Seeking-Sustainability-LIVE Playlist

110- Jared Campion talks Van-Life Japan and Innovative Rural Travel | DreamDrive

109- Noriko Shindo shares her Passion for Plant-Based | Veggino

108- Author Sean Michael Wilson talks historical heritage and sustainability in Manga

107- What the Sustainable News?! Hikosaemon + JJWalsh talk Japan News with Sustainability Lens

106- Awamori Okinawan alcohol insights from Christopher Pellegrini

105- Autumn Japanese Kimono Culture + Novella Launch | Paprika Girl – Riki Ohkanda

104- Cycle Shimanami Talk with Wheel Women Australia Tina McCarthy and Hiroshima Local Business Owner Paul Walsh

103- Vegan Activist in Tokyo | Nadia McKechnie – TokyoVegan Org

102- Bilingual Education from a Monolingual Parent | Tiara Harris – ChocolateSushiRoll

101- Slow Travel + Artisan Souvenir Boxes from Rural Japan | Cocolo Travel + PekoPekoBox – Axel Deroubaix

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