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Every weekday at 9am or 5pm- 60 min talks with entrepreneurs, activists, innovators, writers, artisans, filmmakers and people across the world making a living helping Japan’s people + planet.

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  • 1/14 (thurs) 9am – Azby Brown – SAFECAST – Environmental open-source data research and information service
  • 1/18 (mon) 5pm Hikosaemon + I talk about Japan’s latest News + connections to Sustainability in #WhatTheSustainableNewsJapan sub-series
  • 1/19 (tue) 9am – Photographer Alfie Goodrich talks about his stunning visual-media projects
  • 1/20 (wed) 1pm – Byron Nagy + Jacob Reiner talk Rural Real Estate, Akiya Remodel and Rural Community Appeal – EarthEmbassy Collaboration
  • 1/22 (fri) 1pm – Helen Iwata – Speaker, Podcaster, Consultant and Coaching – founder of Sasuga Communications
  • 1/25 (mon) 5pm – Ann Kilzer – Coding Engineer and Co-Founder of SpeakHer

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