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LIVE every weekday at 9am, 12noon or 5pm | 60 min talks with experts, innovators and insiders from a variety of specialties, living far and wide across Japan.

Coming Up

  • 5/31 Mon 5PM Masaru Takayama – Sustainable Tourism and Eco Travel in Japan
  • 6/1 Tue 12noon~ INOW Kamikatsu – Sustainable Community Focused Travel
  • 6/2 Wed 9-10am Akira Sakano – ZeroWaste Japan Innovation and Accreditation
  • 6/3 Thur 9am Ben Fouracre – Social Impact Initiatives for Businesses
  • 6/4 Fri 5pm Jeremy Phillipps – Renovating and Restoring a Traditional Japanese House

Past Livestreams

Seeking-Sustainability-LIVE Playlist

Listen to the SSL Talks in Audio Podcast Format

  • 9am 5/7 Friday | REI Refugees Empowerment International director Jane Best and Tove Kinooka to talk fundraising events and how the organization has survived during the COVID19 crisis, and the latest most pressing issues in Refugees International.
  • 9am 5/8 Saturday | Author – Translator Nadine Willems talks about her book Kotan Chronicles which shares Ainu poetry and discuss some of the heritage and historical backstory.
  • 5pm 5/10 Monday | Rill in Japan – Attractive Japan Travel Content Creator has great off-the-beaten-track travel insights for future travel success
  • 6pm 5/11 Tuesday | Writer Baye McNeil – Update on his latest articles, diversity in Japan issues and the effect of BLM and US politics on Japan inclusion

  • 9am 5/12 Wednesday | Jake Jung – JP to EN Manga and Anime Translator and Kagawa based photographer shares his insights on rural living and Japanese pop-culture exports
  • 9am 5/14 Thursday | Chris Weiners – Okayama Exports + Rural Insights as well as sustainable tourism hurdles in promoting mass tourism for gaming (casino) attractions in Japan and Asia
  • 9am Ruth Jarman – Business Culture, TV Shows, Books and Nemawashi Group-think Japan
  • 5pm Jackie F Steele – ENJOI Consulting | Innovation and Diversity Rocks Talkshow + vision of a more equal future
  • 5pm Dave Enright – Nagano Outdoor Adventures Business Survival during COVID19
  • 9am Ruth Aisling VanLife | Slow + Meaningful Travels Across Japan
  • 10:30 Matt Alt | Olympic Sized Problems in Tokyo & Resistance to QAnon conspiracy theories in Japan – the intersections of a changing Japanese society in the 2020’s
  • 5/25 Jared Campion Dream Drive
  • 5/26 Space Junk Solutions with Chris Blackerby
  • 5/27 9am Katheryn Gronauer – Cross Cultural Trainer – Helping Businesses Thrive
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