Inbound Ambassador

Miyajima Walk+Talk with Kama+Blowy

Had a fun cameo in Dave and Joe Stuart’s walk + talk video series on their YouTube called “Kama and Blowy”

When I join up with Dave and Joe, I am walking along the shopping areas of Miyajima. Of course to avoid crowds (because of covid19, sound quality for the video, and also for more sustainable travel) I take the backstreets and paths less traveled while we talk.

Even though the giant floating Tori gate is under construction, it is still a beautiful island to visit at any time of year.

This was the first time I saw wooden postcards like this that you can write on and send as a nice souvenir from Miyajima. The wooden paddle is a symbol of good luck at Itsukushima shrine and around Miyajima island.

Introducing the beautiful and interesting Ema wishing boards at Daishoin Temple – great for anyone at a transitional point in life hoping for the next best step to take.

In the beginning of the video, I joined Dave and Joe on their usual brothers-connect walk + talk phone call, it was fun for them to let me tag along. Dave is in Kyushu and Joe is in Melbourne Australia, but the brothers meet up like this for a weekly walk and talk video chat, love this bro-venture, staying connected idea.

These brothers have had some great adventures together in Japan too which we talk about in the SSL series. Dave + Joe appeared on the SeekingSustainabilityLIVE talkshow here.

Watch the entire talk + walk with my extra guide of Miyajima highlights at the end of the video. Look forward to doing more travel guiding like this virtually until we can get back to international travel again. Any requests for where you would like me to go and cover next? Feel free to get in touch!