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Overtourism in Japan- Ideas, Innovation & Successful Strategies

Hope you are looking forward to a fun and exciting Golden Week Holiday in Japan. As many of us are making plans for the next couple of weeks, we are also considering how to avoid and deal with the crowds. Here is a livestream video I shot on YouTube about overtourism and some successful strategies destination managers and others looking for ways to control the crowds should consider.

I hope to revisit this important topic many times, please feel free to add your comments or questions below that I can address in the next video or post.

A lot of the ideas I talk about here are written in more detail here on my Op-Ed article response to Overtourism : ‘Japan gets more than it bargained for with tourist boom’ in the Nikkei Asian Review (4/24/2019)

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Comment on YouTube:

Aggo Minimal says,
“Living in Beton with masses of tourists was such a struggle. Many locals left and that contributed to the gentrification.
I think that’s the most damaging aspect. Locals leave and are replaced with people who have little to no roots, interest and love for the area.
The culture, spirit and character of a place dies and there is no way back.

Great video JJ, hope to see more.”

My reply:
JJ Walsh
“Thanks so much for your comment Aggo- you are absolutely right!!
Locals leaving because they see no benefit are killing wonderful destinations, we certainly need to take care of our locals by developing methods to provide benefits and social equity. As I said if locals can see benefits to stay and deal with the inconveniences of tourism it is a benefit to the local economy, culture and the tourists themselves will also enjoy it more :)”

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