Inbound Ambassador

Worst Way to Visit Japan

Had a lively conversation with Ollie Horn and Bobby Judo on their podcast series Japan By River Cruise

SSL Podcasts 51-100

Tune in for the second set of 50 podcast episodes in the Seeking Sustainability Live talk show series that span…

Aug-Sept 81-100 SSL

Great collection of talks from sustainability-focused business consulting to insights on the making of the SSL series.

Interviews with JJWalsh

As I introduce people on the SSL series every day, people sometimes ask, but what about you? I add my…

July-Aug SSL 61-80

This set has an interesting mix of topics from sustainability-focused marketing and filmmaking to publications to climate change activism.

Inbound Ambassador Reviews

Here is a collection of what people say about InboundAmbassador and the SSL series – I really appreciate the supportive…

Be Safe Beautifully- MaskLet

Finding a comfortable design that helps us stay safe, is sustainably made, and is still beautifully fashionable is the idea…


It’s been 75 years since the nuclear attacks on the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. I’d like to…