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Pandemic-free future is plant-based

The global meat industry is a huge problem for the climate crisis as well as the COVID19 crisis.

To save the planet, improve your health and also to reduce the chance of future deadly pandemic spread, this is a great time to adopt a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle.

Plant-based alternatives create so many positives

Even choosing to reduce meat, dairy, eggs, and fish by replacing animal proteins with plant-based alternatives as we practice #stayathome #socialdistancing has so many benefits for your life and the health of our communities.

The meat and fish industry are major contributors to climate-change, global-warming, and environmental damage. Scientists agree that the meat industry is not sustainable and needs to be severely reduced or stopped completely to give us a chance to live on a planet that provides us with clean water, food, and necessary natural resources.

IDTex argues that a more realistic scenario is to replace animal and fish proteins with plant-based and lab-grown alternatives which taste, look and smell very close to the animal version, but cause much less damaging to the environment.

Plant-based meat and fish alternatives also alleviate the problem of global pandemics like COVID19, SARS, MERS and the Spanish flu among other viruses and health problems that are linked to factory farming of animals and fish as explained in the LiveKindly video below.

Raising Animals for food linked to Pandemics

Scientists and journalists warn that future pandemics will also come after COVID19 if factory farms raising animals for meat in close quarters is not changed.

Leah Garcés writes in her excellent article, Reducing pandemic risk begins with ending factory farming, published by the Hill (4/4/2020),

It’s time we reevaluate our relationship to animals and realize its connection to our own health.

We must see factory farming for what it is: perhaps the most likely cause of the next deadly pandemic. Once we do, we can unite, commit and build a path to a better food system for all: one that puts our health and that of our loved ones above all else.

UK writer Liam Pritchett on LiveKindly,

Climate change is a key contributor to the increased risk of pandemics, and animal agriculture is a leading cause of climate change—something else specifically highlighted by Pause the System’s demands from the UK government. Meat has a huge environmental footprint and, according to the UN, is responsible for 14.5 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions.

COVID19 is our wake-up call

Columnist for the Guardian news, George Monbiot argues that COVID19 is nature’s wake-up call to us living in a ‘complacent civilization’. This is a call to change our ways to make more informed, daily choices which do not endanger our own lives, destroy the planet and give our children a decent future.

Try some great vegan recipes while quarantined #stayathome

There’s nothing to lose from making changes now while in quarantine to eat less meat, dairy, and fish. In fact, it will save you money as well as improve your health while you are less active. Being healthier has the added benefit of helping you fight off the coronavirus, or recover more easily if you do catch it. There are multiple resources online for great recipes to try with ingredients easily available at supermarkets worldwide, including shops in Japan.

Here are some of my favorite plant-based YouTubers in the UK, Canada, US and Japan who regularly provide simple plant-based vegan recipes that are completely meat-free, egg-free, dairy-free and fish-free recipes that taste amazing. All of these vegan YouTubers are fun to watch the videos are professionally edited:

Please take care!

I hope you’ll use this time at home to try out new recipes that taste great as well as improve the health of your family while helping the planet and reducing our chances of having to deal with other future deadly pandemics like COVID19 in the future.

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