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Room For Rescue Initiative

The Kaname Inn offers free stays for international travelers stuck in Japan.

In a previous post, I highlighted how many sustainable international hotels are now offering free stays to medical staff on the front line of the COVID19 crisis in the USA.

I had been searching for examples from the hospitality sector in Japan during the coronavirus and so excited to find a fantastic example from Kanazawa, Japan.

Thanks to Rochelle Kopp of Japan Intercultural, I was introduced to the efforts of Hiroshi Hosokawa who is the company president of the Kaname Inn.

Hosokawa-san is launching an initiative called “Room for Rescue” as a crowdfunding project aimed to provide free stays to international travelers who are stuck in Japan during this coronavirus crisis.

The Kaname Inn in Kanazawa Japan aims to offer free stays to any tourists stuck in this difficult situation for as long as is needed.

Kaname Inn president Hiroshi Hosokawa says,

“I wanted to extend this offer to any traveler who cannot get home.”

This is a great initiative during this crisis that not only helps international travelers but also builds a stronger, more sustainable brand.

Building a business model that sees individual needs, not just a concern for the bottom line relays a sense of humanity and kindness. Building an ethical brand is a perfect example of how to build social equity and sustainable business success.

Businesses transparent about how they take care of both people and the planet will help secure future profits- which is of course also an important element of sustainability. Helping people and making efforts to preserve the environment pays off by building more loyalty and future demand. A business owner that shows he cares about his customers, especially in times of crisis, establishes a more attractive sustainable product that stands out from the rest.

In 2019, we know 70% of all international travelers were seeking out ethical, sustainable businesses when they planned their travel. It is safe to assume that in 2020 due to the coronavirus crisis worldwide, this percentage will be even higher. There is more awareness of the #climatecrisis and its connection to the #pandemic we’re facing as well as the inadequacies in modern businesses and government in supporting communities in need.

I hope we see many more examples of ethical leadership in the hospitality and travel industry in Japan such as this Room for Rescue initiative by the Kaname Inn Tatemachi in Kanazawa.
Crowdfunding Project “Room for Rescue”