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Seeking (Sexy) Sustainability – Monthly Event to Inform & Inspire

“Seeking (Sexy) Sustainability” is a monthly event featuring sustainability-focused Workshops, Networking and a fun way to meet other likeminded people in your area.

This is a monthly community event focused on introducing key concepts and the most up-to-date climate information. There will also be short WORKSHOPS on how to reduce waste and encourage #sustainableliving

At each event, there will also be a #freecycle area to exchange unwanted quality goods to extend the life of products and reduce waste. This event is organized by Inbound Ambassador which also organizes monthly volunteer #cleanup activities along Hiroshima rivers and beaches.

TALK-WORKSHOP-FREECYCLE-NETWORK is the plan we will follow each month.

This event will start with a short motivational talk by JJWalsh about what people living in Japan (particular focus on Hiroshima) can do to reduce our impact in our daily life and work. Joy is the founder of Inbound Ambassador and has many examples from Hiroshima and across Japan to introduce of businesses, products, services and destinations positively and actively working toward sustainability.

The event is open to the public but does require a 2,000 yen fee for participants in order to cover the costs of hiring the venue and other organizational costs. There are discounts for students and children. For those who cannot attend in person, we offer a donation to support the event and follow it live online, get updates via email and be able to take part in the FREECYCLE if they see anything they would like to have (if willing to pick up or cover shipping costs).

At first, I will be launching this event series in Hiroshima and hope to collaborate with others in cities around Japan and the world who want to organize similar events. I’m hoping this will be a fun and informative monthly event to support and inform.

Numbers are limited to maintain quality, so buy your tickets soon to secure your place!

The first event in Hiroshima will be held on 10/25/2019 from 7-9 pm

Regular activities:
Bring good quality *items such as clothing, bags, hats.. for #reuse in #freecycle zone

10/25: Let’s try making #zerowaste deodorant

Let’s meet likeminded folk and #network with local eco-warriors. Reusable cups, plates, utensils, and glasses will be in use to enjoy both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and #plantbased snacks.

If you can’t come, but would like to take part virtually, please make a donation to become a supporter of the event.

Donations can be made via PayPal

Every supporter will be invited to watch the Livestream of the event (as it happens) and be on the mailing list to get summaries and links to videos from the event.

Any supporter will also get a chance to get any of the used items you see of interest in the FREECYCLE section. We can arrange a pick up of the items, or I can give you a shipping estimate. Any *items not claimed at the event will go home again with the person who brought them.

*Clothing items & Books can be left and I will donate them to Second Street & Local Bookstores if not claimed.

In Japan, the minister of the environment, Koizumi, recently said that to make it more effective we need to make climate change activism more SEXY & exciting- I agree! There are so many positive and interesting ways to help our communities and the environment.

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