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SSL #1 – Grow Your Own Food

Seeking Sustainability LIVE (SSL) #1 LIVESTREAM #GrowYourOwnFood discussion with four excellent guest speakers.

SSL is an online version of the Seeking Sustainability Events started in the Autumn of 2019 to highlight interesting people, products and services focused on sustainability in Japan.

Multi-talk, multi-platform Livestream chat held on April 18th

The video starts with an introduction from an extraordinary home-gardening couple Flo + Blaise in Iwakuni (Yamaguchi). Flo + Blaise started their garden working with a rocky space that was initially completely covered in plastic. Over time, they’ve been able to transform the space into a beautiful garden filled with herbs, vegetables, and trees. They have spent about 10,000 yen ($100) on gardening supplies each month since they started.

Next, Thomas Kloepfer of Pitchfork Farms in Mukaishima (Hiroshima) joined the broadcast, introduced a little about his farm + gave Flo + Blaise some advice for their garden. Thomas then talks about his schedule as a farmer, how he’s able to grow food all year, and balancing keeping chickens, sheep and goats as helpful animals.

High-school senior, Felix, helped out during the discussion by adding translations here and there for the Japanese audience.

Jon Walsh, an urban-gardening specialist, coach, and consultant in Tokyo then joins the conversation. Jon introduces what he does in his work and then adds some comments for Flo + Blaise about their garden. Jon then goes on to discuss seeds and other farming questions with Thomas.

Guest Speakers

== Extraordinary Home Gardeners Flo + Blaise==
* Follow Flo + Blaise Garden progress on Flo’s Instagram: FLOGENTLY

== Amazing Organic Veggies at Pitchfork Farms ==
* Follow Thomas Kloepfer PITCHFORK FARMS in Mukaishima, Onomichi (Hiroshima)
** Read more about Pitchfork farms:
*** YouTube interview with Thomas at Pitchfork farms in 2019:

== Urban Gardening Coaching + Consulting at Business Grow ==
* Read more about Jon Walsh and the work that he does in Tokyo.
** YouTube interview with Jon Walsh in 2020

Japanese translation

Some of the conversation is translated into Japanese, thanks to High-schooler Felix Walsh, born and raised in Hiroshima, Japan.

Bonus Clip – Continuing the conversation (no Japanese translation)

It was a wonderfully inspiring conversation ❤️ thanks to all the speakers for joining us+ sharing their experience and expertise. I look forward to catching up again with this group in June.