Inbound Ambassador

SSL featured by Tokyo Authority

Seeking Sustainability LIVE has gotten its first media promotion from the stylish TokyoAuthority website.

I wrote this article in an attempt to describe how appreciative I am to all the people who have collaborated with me in building this SSL series, it is a humbling experience to reach out to these amazingly passionate people and have them agree to talk on a Livestream about what they do- thank you all!

I am also so appreciative of Mac Salmon who not only appeared in the series to discuss Tokyo travel and give his great insights into connecting with customers on a higher level, but he has also been such a great supporter of the series in his promotion of it on his websites and social media.

Maction Planet is an established tour and travel planning website which features great travel tour ideas, destination insights and fun, original apparel. The Tokyo Authority is a new venture more focused on great Tokyo and Japan derived, authentic and eclectic media.


It was impressive to see how Mac received so many wonderful comments from satisfied customers and collaborators who have worked with him over the years during out SSL talk. We need more of this enthusiasm for quality travel experiences in Japan!

I look forward to working with people like Mac as we move forward into the next possible step of inbound tourism and travel in Japan that takes care of locals and the environment as well as international visitors while rebuilding the Japanese economy.


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