Inbound Ambassador

SSL Episodes 101-126 in Sept-Oct 2020

September to October 2020 Seeking Sustainability LIVE talks – episodes 101 to 126.

126- The EV Ambassador – Kevin Meyerson talks about the Jaguar IPACE Electric Car + Japan Energy and Infrastructure

125- Keeping Little Ones (and Mom) Happy, Healthy and Learning at Home with Lee Ridgewell

124- Jason’s All Sumo Channel – Insights and Great Stories from a Mega-Sumo-Fan

123- Walking the Kumano Kodo Trails in Wakayama – Guide + Writer: Alena Eckelmann

122- What the Sustainable News Japan – Hikosaemon + JJWalsh discuss Japan’s Latest News + Sustainability

121- Kyle Holzhueter Introduces Natural Methods of Japanese style Plastering

120- Jon Stollenmeyer talks about his Love of Japanese Architecture + Carpentry

119- Japanese Housework + Tea Ceremony Insights

118- Derek Wessman Talks Japanese TV, Signage and Translation

117- Scott of TeslaQuest + JJWalsh Talk Tesla Model3 – 1st Year Review

116- John Spiri is a Sustainability Dabller- Chickens, Hunting, Bee-Keeping..

115- Alisha Ivelich introduces Non-Native Creative Talkshow series

114- David Douglas Stuart – Filmmaker + Journalist

113- Bicycle Adventures of Reka Farkas a Lady Cyclist in Japan

112 Tsuyoshi Domoto talks Coding for Kids + Finding a Meaningful Career Path

111-Fritz Schumann’s Documentary film Okunoshima

In this talk, Fritz a video journalist from Berlin introduces his documentary about how Japan’s biggest poison-gas production island was “cute-washed” by adding rabbits and promoting tourism to cover up the dark wartime history of the place.

110- Jared Campion talks Van-Life Japan and Innovative Rural Travel | DreamDrive

109- Noriko Shindo shares her Passion for Plant-Based | Veggino

108- Author Sean Michael Wilson talks historical heritage and sustainability in Manga

107- What the Sustainable News?! Hikosaemon + JJWalsh talk Japan News with Sustainability Lens

106- Awamori Okinawan alcohol insights from Christopher Pellegrini

105- Autumn Japanese Kimono Culture + Novella Launch | Paprika Girl – Riki Ohkanda

104- Cycle Shimanami Talk with Wheel Women Australia Tina McCarthy and Hiroshima Local Business Owner Paul Walsh

103- Vegan Activist in Tokyo | Nadia McKechnie – TokyoVegan Org

102- Bilingual Education from a Monolingual Parent | Tiara Harris – ChocolateSushiRoll

101- Slow Travel + Artisan Souvenir Boxes from Rural Japan | Cocolo Travel + PekoPekoBox – Axel Deroubaix