Inbound Ambassador

SSL#11 Natural Dyes + Textiles

SSL11 Thomas Kloepfer a natural, no-till farmer who founded the Pitchfork Farm on Mukaishima island joined us for SSL#1 to give us some advice on how to grow our own food.

In today’s discussion, Thomas gives us his insights on running a local textile shop, dyeing and manufacturing with his partner Kaori at the Tachibana Textiles shop.

Thomas Michael Kloepfer also explains his research in Nepal for his Ph.D. thesis on the sustainability of HEMP where it has many functions and serves many purposes for the local communities there.

We also talk of taking care of a baby goat with special needs and learning to shear his sheep on the farm.

Thomas was also gracious enough to appear as an expert #growyourownfood advisor on #SSL1


ピッチフォーク ファームズ Pitchfork Farms

Pitchfork farms visit in October, 2019