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SSL#13 Paprika-Girl | Deep-Dive into Kimono Culture in Modern Japan

Traditional Japanese culture-loving Paprika-chan takes us through the charm, etiquette, accessories, style, fashion, function, and sustainability of wearing Kimono.

Originally from Chicago, Paprika has developed a deep love for and understanding of Kimono, traditional Japanese accessories, tea ceremony, Wagashi Japanese sweets, and the benefits of reusing and recyling in the traditional spirit of Mottainai.

On social media, Paprika-Girl is a generous guide to her followers of all things Japanese which are aesthetically pleasing, high-quality and add great value to your life.

In this video, we talk about how Paprika-Girl’s passion for Kimono started with her husband’s grandmother who gifted her some vintage Kimono after seeing that she had an interest in wearing Yukata at a festival. Now, Paprika wears Kimono almost every single day.

I appreciate the effort and enthusiasm and years of knowledge and know-how that Paprika puts into documenting and passing on the traditional aspects of Japanese culture, heritage, and tradition she learns about. We have so much in common as my passion for sustainability and her passion for extending the life of high-quality Japanese products intersects as the same goal for sustainable living.

Thank you Paprika-chan for all the wonderful work you do in introducing these traditional arts to an international audience.