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#SSL15 Save money with Sustainable Tips | TokyoCheapo

Saving money and sustainability choices often work very well together perfectly.

It was great to discuss some money-saving tips that are also better choices for the people + planet + profit balance with the good folk at Fast Train Ltd that runs Tokyo Cheapo and Japan Cheapo as well as two others outside of Japan.

Carey Finn + Mareike Dornhendge manage and write content for one of Japan’s most popular website for saving money in Japan #TokyoCheapo and #JapanCheapo

In this livestream chat we go over some of their articles about how to save money in Japan, some of the community service (social equity) articles which help you understand your Japanese appliances and order organic, free-range and vegetarian foods online during the coronavirus.

Making better choices to improve the community and your impact on the environment can also be the best choice to save money and have a higher value experience.

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