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#SSL17 Selena Hoy | Writing about stories that matter in Japan

Selena Hoy shows us it’s possible to write insightful articles on Japan with integrity.

Selena Hoy has published articles about Japan for a multitude of print and online publications and impressively finds a way to add integrity, meaning, and sustainable insights into Japan’s culture, social issues, and traditions.

Selena has written for the Japanese government marketing publications as well as a variety of international publications like the Atlantic, Atlas Obscura, and Playboy.

Selena also told us about TELL where she has worked for years as a volunteer counselor and organizer. TELL provides counseling services and other important support for people feeling emotionally vulnerable.

In her time in Portland and Tokyo, she has worked at a variety of NGO’s and NPO’s over the years. Selena is also passionate about animals, and gave us some great insights into initiatives that support animal welfare such as the volunteer animal flying program to find happy homes for abandoned pets.

Read more of Selena Hoy’s excellent articles on her portfolio website: