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Support Japan Organic Farms

There is so much value to society and the environment by supporting local farmers.

On the SSL series, I have had the pleasure of talking with farmers, gardeners, and an urban farm coach.

Local Natural Food Sales Online – Delivery Across Japan

Byron + Kaori Nagy – Kasamatus Farms

Byron and Kaori initially moved from Tokyo to the rural area for better quality of life and food security for their family and to remodel an old Akiya abandoned home to create a guesthouse: Yokomura Eco-Lodge. During the coronavirus tourism crash, however, they have transitioned to offering free-range eggs and high-quality organic vegetables to customers via online sales.

Kasamatsu Organic Farm –
Yokomura Eco Lodge –

Thomas Kloepfer – Pitchfork Farms

Thomas supplies beautiful varieties of vegetables to people in Hiroshima via local markets as well as sends out boxes across Japan every Saturday. I recommend ordering the monthly variety box for 4,000 yen including delivery charges. It’s an easier way to secure a fresh box of veggies, peppers, greens, and other goodies to your door every month. If you go through it quickly do a 2/month standing order.

+ Order from Thomas in English or Japanese via the Pitchfork Farms Website Shop
+ follow or get in touch via Facebook or Instagram

Thomas Introduces his Farm

Listen to Thomas Kloepfer of Pitchfork Farms give advice to Flo + Blaise about growing food:

Thomas gives advice to gardeners

Thomas talks textiles, natural dyeing and organic farming

Heather Fukase – Nagano Naturally Organic Farm

Heather has a passion for organic farming in combination with raising kids and supporting her local community in Nagano. Like Thomas, she often has more rare varieties of veggies in her shop such as Rhubarb.

Order in English via Heather’s website Nagano Naturally- I recommend signing up for her newsletter so you can be alerted when new harvest is available for quick delivery.

Nagano Naturally on Instagram + Facebook

Talking with Heather about her farming in balance with family life

Listen to the conversation with Heather Fukase of Nagano Naturally Farm here:

Nagaoka Natural Farm on Miyajima Island, Hiroshima

Delivery is possible anywhere around Japan via monthly subscription, but you will need Japanese to Order 日本語で:
+ Nagaoka Farm – English article about the farm here, Japanese Facebook page here (contact about orders), Blog + Japanese Website here

Video about my visit to the Nagaoka Natural Farm here:

Chuck Kayser – Midori Farms – Local food sales + volunteering opportunities in Kanto Area

When I talked with Chuck Kayser who runs the Midori Farm in Shiga prefecture, he spoke of the troubling decline in the number of farms in Japan which effects self-sufficiency, overdependence on imports, and moving away from a diet filled with fresh, locally produced food in Japan.

Chuck Kayser is the head-farmer and community-compost organizer at Midori Farms in Shiga (one hour from Kyoto). He never intended to be a farmer, he was just looking for a place in the countryside to enjoy nature but may have found his calling as he ended up founding Midori Farm in a rural area about an hour from Kyoto in 2009. In this video, we talk of his talks, collaborative work with locals, and activism to create a composting system in his community. Over the years, he has hosted and trained many volunteers and learned the art (and frustrations) of organic farming, and growing food which is only at 40% self-sufficiency in Japan and on the decline.

Chuck Kayser Midori Farms Website

Chuck also hosts Livestream Zoom webinars from his farm on Facebook to help spread awareness of the need to #growyourownfood and supporting #localfarmers especially those trying to do #organicfarming #communitydevelopment

Watch the video here:

Audio version of the talk here:

Organic Farm + Cafe in Chiba

Takako and Phil do not sell online, but they do supply Tokyo supermarkets with their organic vegetables and ready-made soups, bean mixes, and other high-quality, delicious products. If you live in Tokyo or fly in or out of Narita airport, they are not too far away.


Do you order online from another organic farmer in Japan? Please get in touch and let me know and I will add them to this page, thanks!

Grow Your Own Food

If you need help growing your own food at home, get in touch with the Urban Farming Coach Jon Walsh. He is based in Tokyo, but now during COVID19 does consult for people living across Japan and around the world too.


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