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Sustainable Hotel Branding During COVID19

Hotel managers who are pivoting to meet COVID19 demands by offering free, clean rooms to medical staff are doing the right thing. They are also visionaries as this is a great example of sustainable branding – a long-term strategy for success.

The travel and hospitality sector has taken a huge hit and will continue to struggle to create demand as most of the world is encouraged to #stayathome to stop the spread of the deadly #COVID19 coronavirus.

Finding ways to support the needs of society by offering rooms to build social equity is doing the right thing while building powerful brands and filling capacity.

In previous articles, I have focused on the top-3 characteristics of a sustainable hotel, which still applies to most hotel operations.

In this new age of the coronavirus, however, there are additional requirements for the hospitality industry to have long-term, sustainable, business success.

Clean Stays for Hospital Staff

In this Vogue article, major hotels, as well as Airbnb, now offer free or heavily discounted rooms to hospital staff who need to be closer to medical facilities. The rooms have to keep up with strict cleaning guidelines- the new normal of hospitality.

As health-concerns are paramount, Hotels and accommodation facilities that can offer the highest quality of cleaning practices at their facilities, to customers in a transparent way, will become market leaders who attract the most customers.

Long-term thinking strategists in the hospitality industry are now pivoting to provide necessary services to communities. These tactics help to fill rooms while building a powerful, sustainable brand respected by their community and the future hotel markets post-COVID19.

The action of these hotels to offer free rooms to those working on the frontlines of the COVID19 crisis is a great example of how the hospitality industry can pivot to meet new challenges through creativity, innovation, and flexibility. These requirements are a heavy cost investment now when there is so little income, but managers can be sure it will help open up new emerging markets.

There is a lot of cynicism about the hospitality and travel industry during this crisis, so it’s inspiring to see how travel industry leaders are adapting. Providing services that serve local communities will pay off with customer loyalty in the post-crisis future.

I hope to see similar initiatives in the Japanese travel and hospitality sector soon as demand has dropped, the Olympics have been canceled and the country is now seeing the true impact of the COVID19 crisis.

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