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Successful Sustainable Tourism Product – An Evening of Kagura

Since 2018, a new tourism product of a 45 minute Kagura performance in the Hiroshima city center was added to the list of tourist attractions. This performance is an innovate tourism product which creates interest and appeal for international visitors while helping visitors and locals appreciate and preserve this traditional art.

This show called, An Evening of Kagura, has English subtitles, detailed information on the heritage and culture of Kagura in English, as well as a chance to learn about the musicians and performers in the post-show Q&A sessions. There is also a chance to take photographs with the ornate costumes after the show.

In this video, I introduce how this product “An Evening of Kagura” has widened the appeal of Kagura to inbound tourists. This usually inaccessible traditional performance performed in the rural countryside in Japanese has been shortened, brought to the city center, and subtitles have been added as well as other methods of audience engagement.

This is a fine example of how preservation and appreciation of cultural heritage, can help create destination appeal. This is an interesting example of a social equity type of sustainable tourism product.

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