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Top 10 SSL Podcast Episodes

7-months on, here is the top ten SSL talks as ranked by listeners downloads of the SeekingSustainabilityLIVE podcasts.

Social Media experts and gurus will tell you that LIVE and AUDIO are the way of the future. It’s interesting that we see a different top ten when looking at the Seeking Sustainability LIVE playlist on YouTub but a different ranking again on other livestream channels Periscope, Facebook and Twitch – as each audience has its own characteristic likes and dislikes.

Podcast audience demographic

#1 – India – 54%
#2 – Japan – 20%
#3 – USA – 9%
#4 – Australia – 4%
#5 – Canada – 2%
#5 – France – 2%
Other countries – 8%

Now for the episode ranking, you can find all of the podcasts here.

#10 Introducing the Seeking Sustainability LIVE podcast series

This is a surprise, and could do with an update, but is a great reminder that when attracting new listeners, they want an explanation of what the series is all about. This was very informative and has created a new aim to create a new trailer for the series that I can have on my various channels to give a quick reference before listeners and viewers commit to listening or watching an episode. I should also hire a creator to make a sticky opening sequence for the videos and podcasts.

#9 Scary YUREI Ghost Stories with Matt Alt + Hiroko Yoda

This episode has moved up in the ranks fast – in less than a month. Read the transcript here for this content-rich episode sasuga the alt-team – these two have such a deep knowledge of all things Japanese folklore and culture and this was a great Halloween episode worth listening to. Watch the episode here on YouTube for all the great pictures that go along with the scary stories.

#8 Forest Therapy and Organizations to Support in Japan – Stacy Kurokawa

Stacy connected with the audience on the need to connect with nature. Nature-based meditating tactics from her training in forest therapy. Watch or Listen to Episode 96.

#7 What the Sustainable News sub-series with Hikosaemon

Monthly news segment on how the latest sustainability-focused news in business, travel, society and economics affects the balance of people-planet and profits. Watch or Listen to episode 107.

Tied at #5 Growing your own Food with Jon Walsh, Thomas Kloepfer, Flo + Blaise (translation by Felix Walsh)

Wonderful to see that this very first episode in the series that I was so nervous about, as it was my first time navigating the stress of multiple speakers, images and new software, is still holding strong in the top ten! Grow Your Own Food Episode 1 is a fantastic episode featuring gardeners, farmers and an urban gardening coach. My son also helped out to create this episode with some Japanese as well.

Tied at #5 Hive + Barrow Organic Farm + Cafe Life in Chiba with Phil and Takako

Interesting that this episode, also on growing organic food, is tied at #5 but 90 episodes and months apart from the first. This shows the demand for good talks on farming and the need to have locally grown vegetables, and to support local farmers. Watch or listen to this episode 95.

#4 The First Year of Driving a Tesla Model3 in Japan- Ep 117

Scott who runs the TeslaQuest and ChillinKansai social media channels and I chat about our first year of experiences driving the amazing Model3’s we got at the Osaka dealership. We talk about charging infrastructure, design features we love and have so many great questions from the audience in this episode about #futuretech #cleantech and Electric Cars. Watch or Listen.

#3 Kamakura Mind – Unique Japan Culture Experiences – Ep 134

This episode is a quick favorite with Yukiyo’s deep insights into starting her own business and collaborating with local specialists to offer one-of-a-kind Japanese culture experiences in Kamakura. Also a very popular video on YouTube. Listen here.

#2 Supporting Refugees in Japan – Refugees International – Jane Best – Ep 26

Jane Best is a well-known activist and fundraiser in Japan doing great work with refugee aid organizations worldwide while raising awareness of the important issues in Japan. Another episode from early in the series which is connecting with a wider audience. Watch or listen here.

#1 Celebrating Creativity and Diversity in Japan with Alisha Ivelich of Non-Native Creative – Ep 115

It’s wonderful to see the top spot being held by a fellow talkshow host, Alisha Ivelich who describes her passion to share stories of creativity and diversity to the world. The video on YouTube is also in the top-ten thanks to Alisha’s great collaborative effort in supporting and promoting the video on her popular social media channels. Listen to episode 115 here.

How about you? Was your favorite listed here? Which talk sparked a new idea for you or inspired you to do something new? Drop me a line via one of the social media channels, or on one of the podcast channels, or via inboundambassador [at] gmail about your thoughts, look forward to hearing from you.