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Vegan Burger now at all Mos Burger chains in Japan

モスバーガー Mos Burger is Japan’s high-quality fast-food chain and 1st to enter the fast-growing vegan market.

Mos Burger’s prices may be slightly higher than McD and other fast-food chains, but it offers more value through transparency on where it domestically sources its vegetables each day from farmers around Japan. It also creates less waste in its stores and now offers a completely plant-based vegan main dish on its menu alongside an option to replace any meat patty with a soy version.

Multilingual Transparency

Mos Burger has a very good multilingual website offering “allergy information” for all of its products, so customers can carefully choose which items suit their dietary requirements. For the Green Burger listed at the top of this listing, it is made in the same facility as fish and meat products but does not contain any fish or meat products. It looks like the main ingredients in the burger are wheat, soy and apple.

Reduce waste through Reuse in Restaurants

No one enjoys eating in a restaurant, even a fast-food restaurant, out of plastic containers with cheap plastic utensils. Mos Burger has created a higher value experience by using reusable containers such as baskets, bowls, cutlery, glasses, mugs, and plates. By producing less waste, the company saves time and money while the customer has a better meal experience, feeling more comfortable and relaxed. This is a key difference that positively effects the Mos Burger brand.

On a visit to the US last year, I was amazed by how many plant-based meat and fish alternative protein main dishes were readily available at fast-food chains. The plant-based market is becoming more accessible this way creating a worldwide boom. Mos Burger’s Green Burger in addition to Coco-Ichibana vegan curry-rice offerings in many of their chain stores may signal a key shift in the Japanese food market.

As the market shifts to cater to the plant-based seeking diet, it will be interesting to see which other chains follow the Mos Burger and Coco’s lead and start to offer main dishes made without animal-based ingredients that help reduce the damage on the environment and also improve public health.

Wider Market than Just Vegans and Vegetarians

Even for people who do not consider themselves to be vegan or vegetarian are seeking plant-based alternatives and creating more demand for non-animal protein food sources. Estimates say around one-third of all Americans are seeking plant-based alternatives to meat and fish and that number is increasing in the time of the coronavirus.

Verdict – Mos Burger’s Green Burger

The burger is similar to a gardenburger type of burger with perhaps a combination of soy and grains. It does not mimic real meat as is becoming popular in the US with the Beyond Meat options. It is a nice tasting burger piled high with a variety of fresh salad greens, a big slice of tomato and a tangy light salsa type of tomato sauce dressing. At 538 yen it is at a good price point to compete with other menu items. The roll, despite its green color, doesn’t have much flavor. I really enjoyed it and appreciate the availability of it at all of Mos Burger’s chains.

Other sustainable features

Mos Burger has a daily menu board stating where vegetables are sourced from within Japan. It also serves take-out in paper containers. Eat-in meals are served in reusable dishes and containers.

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