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Volunteering & Travel – Chat with the Founder of ‘The Traveling Volunteer’

Had the chance to catch up with a colleague across the seas, founder Lana Olsen of the ‘Traveling Volunteer‘, to chat about #volunteertravel #volunteertourism #voluntourism and aspects related to #beachcleanups #environmental #stewardship #plasticpollution and #community aspects of volunteering and waste management.

Lana’s organisation is setting up a fantastic support network for those seeking information on how best to volunteer while traveling.

Here we have a 23-minute chat about volunteering issues, trash topics, sustainable tourism, and general sustainability issues. There are certainly similarities and differences in Japan and the US as well as any international volunteer destination, but we discuss useful tactics and ideas in reference to living and traveling more sustainably, as well as taking part in volunteering activities as an international resident and/or traveler.

Find the Traveling Volunteer’s website and facebook page for more stories, pictures, and insights into this interesting topic.

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