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Week 9 SSL Summary

Week 9 showcased another diverse group of speakers from across Japan, experts in unique disciplines.

Permaculture Center in Okayama: Kamimomi

Kyle Holzhueter explains how Permaculture is a combination of [Permanenet] + [Agriculture] an idea founded in Australia in the 1970s and Kyle saw the potential for this location in Okayama after his first visit to the abandoned house and farm property years ago.

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Now Kyle and his enthusiastic team have built a highly efficient system of gardens, waterways, building structures, and even human waste reuse [humanure] systems. Now that Kyle and his team are established in the hills of Okayama, they are starting to run workshops as well as welcome guests and sell their produce and products from their facility.

Permaculture Center Kamimomi

Home Built in Harmony with Nature:’The Falling Sun’

Shunsuke Iwasaki and his wife built their own beautiful home with their own hands, using local resources and connecting to nature in every aspect of their home’s beautiful design. Shunsuke’s career was diverse and took him to years of work in Ghana, he was involved in anti-nuclear campaigns and building design. In this talk, however, we talk of his passion to design and build a home alongside his carpenter wife that is in sync with nature and is beautiful inside and out.

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Sailing Adventure Across North Pacific

Lowell Sheppard has had a long and successful career bringing clean water to developing communities via Hope international and on a recent birthday announced his plan to challenge himself with a solo trip across the Pacific as a personal challenge as well as to raise awareness of ocean pollution along the way. There are so many personal challenges ahead as he gets more technical and open-water experience necessary for the journey, as well as raises funds to help make his dreams come true. I look forward to learning more about his preparations and learning from his journey as he sets sail and documents the plastic pollution in our seas along the way.

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Wooden Bento Boxes Better than Plastic

Kowen Katsufumi Wang is a social entrepreneur who founded the Kayu Package company. KKWang talks here of using his expertise in his family’s wood import business to tackle one of the most difficult problems of modern Japanese society – plastic packaging waste. Kowen took aim at Japan’s most typical take-out container, the Bento Box, and is supplying a B2B service to restaurants and wholesalers with a more environmentally-friendly, biodegradable wooden bento box to replace the current plastic versions.

Here we talk about a variety of topics including his insights into the supply chain and how to maintain sustainable operations. As a fan of the SSL series, we also talk of the other guest speakers’ topics in the series.

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Self-Sufficiency to Organic Farming Sales in Nagano

Heather Fukase and her husband wanted to move out of the city to the countryside with their family and soon started farming the fields without any chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers (organically) to grow fruits and vegetables they love. Despite the warnings from neighbors that getting good crops was not going to work, they never gave up and have been able to persevere despite some setbacks.

Now Heather spends most of her time in the fields and gardens, but also is raising a family and teaching English classes to local kids. Her lovely rhubarb and outstanding zucchini have also been such a nourishing treat for my own family here in Hiroshima – it’s lovely to share the bounty from her hard work even from hours away. I have also taken her advice and now talk to my plants every day to nurture them.

Website: Nagano Naturally | Instagram | Facebook

Listen to the audio of the talk with Heather here:

Gorgeous Garden from Rubble in 1 Year

Flo and Blaise have become a passionate and knowledgeable gardening couple this year. They have watched countless videos, tutorials and read many books about gardening over their first year as they created a beautiful green oasis next to their home. There have been trials and failures along the way, but they have grown so many beautiful plants, vegetables, flowers, and herbs to fill their meals with fresh produce and improve the quality of their lives at home during the coronavirus.

In this talk, Flo and Blaise describe the planning, costs, and challenges they faced in their first year, as well as describe some of the DIY insect repellent, tools, and gear that they have found useful. Follow FloGently on Instagram to see beautiful garden pictures and updates.

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