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Women in CleanTech and Sustainability

Empowered, inspired, supported and appreciated were the many emotions I felt attending the Women in CleanTech and Sustainability event on Google’s Sunnyvale campus in California. The event was the 6th #WCStalks event held in California organised by a group of dynamic, inspiring and hardworking women.

This November 2nd, 2019 Women in CleanTech and Sustainability Event was held at the Google Campus in Sunnyvale, Silicon Valley to feature female entrepreneurs with a passion for sustainability and cleantech who are working toward a better future in their businesses and communities.

jjwalsh enjoying use of Gbike

The event started with coffee and networking time outside the event hall. Delicious plant-based dishes and drinks were available for attendees to enjoy and make new connections. Everything was to the highest sustainability standards from the biodegradable service ware to delicious local foods made without meat or fish.

Attendees were incentivized to complete an online event feedback survey to get a free gift of a signature reusable utensil set made by Ethical Swag. Tara Milburn CEO of Ethical Swag is another great example of female leadership in sustainable product design.

Ethical Swag CEO Tara Milburn

At the start of the event, the founder and chairwoman of Women in CleanTech and Sustainability, Lisa Ann Pinkerton, made inspired opening statements about progress and shared experiences in seeking sustainability in our lives and at work.

Susan Kasper - Sustainable Life Hacks

Not only were the presentations and pitches featured in this video here interesting, inspirational and informative but the attendees at the event were also doing sustainability-focused business and activities in their own work and lives as well.

CEO Sila Kiliccote of eIQMobility

The speakers spoke on a range of different topics about CleanTech and Sustainability which highlighted new products and inventions alongside increased effectiveness and efficiency of existing technology and products.

The winner of the Pitch competition was Sila Kiliccote of EiQmobility who spoke of her work transitioning trucking companies to Electric Vehicles to not only decrease their environmental impact but also increase efficiency and decrease costs (increase profits).

Sierra Scolaro of Drink Wayve

Innovative Products
Some introduced innovative technology such as Sierra Scolaro’s Wayve drinking bottle which filters water from the tap to a reusable bottle.

Hexas Biomass CEO Wendy Owens

Wendy Owens spoke of her work with Hexas Biomass a new type of grass that can be grown alongside roads and disused lands which quickly captures CO2 while creating a useful resource material for fuel and products.

Reichi Shah @TNDC

Increased Efficiency
One of the problems with recycling efforts is difficulties in discerning how to do it properly as Reichi Shah @TNDC spoke about in her talk. Reichi Shah says if standardized pictures, labels, and colors are used at bins then there are higher rates of effective recycling.

Special Parking Spaces for Carpool

Community Building
Savitha Sridharan of @OroraGlobal was one of the speakers whose work is focused on community building which goes hand in hand with energy self-sufficiency in rural India.

Natalie Hollier @Thoughtworks

Digital Carbon Footprint
Natalie Hollier @Thoughtworks gave a presentation about the environmental impact of our use of technology and the internet.

There were so many other inspiring talks from a variety of speakers across diverse industries with advice and best practice solutions to sustainability and cleantech challenges. Melinda Davenport @KairosPower spoke of efective communication strategies. Rachel Major talked of her innovative invention at NuLeaf, a filtration system for wastewater.

I’d strongly recommend seeking out any Women in CleanTech and Sustainability events in your area to find inspiration, practical advice and information as well as camaraderie among likeminded folk!

I’m planning to collaborate with some of these amazing women who organized this event to host a similar event in Japan in 2020! Please contact me if you are interested in joining the event team- details for presenters and registration coming in the next few months.