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YouTube Updates 2021

New JOIN button soon on the YouTube channel as I’ve passed to next level YouTubing- WOO HOO! THANK YOU ALL!!

==What’s the JOIN Button?==
The JOIN button allows viewers to JOIN the channel as members for either 190yen (about $2) / 290yen (about $3) / 490yen (about $5)

== What does membership get you? ==
It unlocks my original emoji to use during live/premiere showing chats as well as original badges to show how long you have been a member. I’ve made cute little badges and emojis and will add more as we grow membership. Members get extra photos, videos, and content or updates in the Community Tab on the Channel.

Original Icons Now available to Members (+ more soon):
Sakura, Kokeshi Doll, Lucky Daruma, Dango Mochi, Ninja, + Matcha

== Where does the money go? ==
Doing daily livestream interviews is now my full-time job so the funds coming in from YouTube is a key part of my monthly income. It helps me focus on making and setting up great quality interviews and content to share with you almost every day.

== Walking the Walk – Transparency ==
I just started getting some shared revenue from YouTube at the end of Feb 2021, so at the end of March, I will donate 10% of any income received to a local Japan charity or organization. In sustainable business and travel consulting, I recommend transparency to build a brand, this is key to a sustainable business. So, I will walk-the-walk and be transparent about the amount and the charity announcing it each month in the COMMUNITY section of the channel. If you know of a great organization, charity or fundraiser in Japan – please let me know, thanks!

== Other Ways to Support Joy ==
YouTube is only one way to see the content I create and support the work that I am doing while getting access to extra bonus content, updates and more. All of these platforms below provide me with a little bit of income which really helps me, not only set up the interviews and share content, but also helps me support others doing good work in Japan.

Buy Me A Coffee | Ko-Fi | Patreon | YouTube | SSL Workshops

Take care + Have a Great Day!