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Be Safe Beautifully- MaskLet

Finding a comfortable design that helps us stay safe, is sustainably made, and is still beautifully fashionable is the idea behind the MASKlet mask + bracelet product.

For a while now as I get out for my #solosanitywalks I have carried a mask looped around my wrist in case I had to pop into a store or walk within close distance of others. I also felt uncomfortable if I sit down inside as to where to put my mask that would not spread or pick up germs.

Initially, when I contacted sustainable fashion designer Clementine Sandner about collaborating on a new product and told her my idea for a product that might work as a bracelet that holds a mask- she was very enthusiastic and got right onto making a prototype design.

When we announced the product on the 74th episode of the #seekingsustainabilitylive talk show series last week, Clementine had already made a few that were available on her MIKAN bag ETSY page and we did a lucky-draw for a lucky listener of the Livestream to win one. Paprika Girl was the lucky winner this time and I can’t wait to see how she matches it to her beautiful Kimono wearing life in Japan.

Each beautiful Mask-Bracelet is an original as it comes from different repurposed pieces of traditional silk kimono in Clementine’s workshop. Here Clementine introduces the product and how to use it, she then goes further with tutorial #howto videos on Instagram to show how to wear, adjust, wash and use.

Clementine says of the mask design collaboration project,

During the past months, many of you have asked if I would have upcycled masks in my store and I didn’t, because I witnessed so many businesses and individuals starting to produce beautiful masks around the globe, using whatever was available around them, it was and inspiring viral “trend” and unless I would have something special to add to them, I was happy enough seeing other becoming masks masters 😉 And kimono silk seemed to be too delicate to be regularly washed, so I wasn’t so sure about kimono silk masks.
But somehow I still got experiment it after sewing a few 30 for friends and family, and was able to improve their quality a lot. So when Joy messaged me about her idea of a mask that can be worn as a bracelet , I thought that’s brilliant, let’s do it!